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Jul 21, 2008 06:19 AM

Bobby Chez in Glen Mills

I live about 10 minutes from Glen Mills, and I drive past the Shoppes at Brinton Lake quite often. Until yesterday I had no idea that Bobby Chez, home of my #1 favorite crabcake, has a store there. And had we not had take-out from Bobby Chez in Margate, NJ for dinner last night and glanced at the take-out menu, I still wouldn't know. Was this a "quiet opening" or what? Did I miss the advertising? For how long have they been open?

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  1. They've been open about 3 months now. Have never had a B.C. crabcake. Is all the hype worth it? My wife went in there, took a look at the size and the price, and walked out.

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      Did your wife find the crabcakes too big, or too expensive? Considering that their crabcakes are about the size of a baseball and made with jumbo lump crabmeat and little else, they're well worth the $7.45 price tag. And they're absolutely wonderful -- probably the best crabcakes I've ever had.

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        We like the shrimp puffs better than the crab cakes. Try the lobster mashed potatoes, also very good.

    2. It was a very quiet opening and considering that you don't see it from Rt. 1, you could pass this by and not know it's there. I haven't tried the crabcakes yet, but the chicken parm is very good, enough to feed two and has a nice panko crust. When I went there it was take-out only and they said they were putting in table service. Does anyone know if they done this yet?

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        I happened to be driving by yesterday and checked it out. There's a sit-down cafe and I believe they have a liquor license. Strange that there is absolutely NO visibility from Rt. 1, and not even a sign. The menu is a bit smaller than their menu in Margate -- no rotisserie chicken, for example.

      2. They've been open for a while, but the seating must be new. They don't have visibility from route 1, but I guess people find out by word of mouth.

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          This is a fairly old post. The seating area has been open for at least 9 months. As to the food, the crabcakes are great and well worth the price (which may have gone up by now). On my first visit the scollops were huge and three in the dinner were plenty. Last visit they were not nearly as large. Still good but three didn't do the job. The fried oysters are also huge but really are more breading than oyster. Can't comment on anything other than the fries which also are good. Worth a vist if you haven't been.

        2. Anyone been to the Philly location on South Street?

          I've walked by it a lot but never been in. I assume from the looks it's just take-out...anything there worth giving a try?

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            I've gotten fried flounder, crab cakes and fries from the South St. location. Tastes the same as in Margate. I think he's a bit pricy so we don't visit often. There's a decent eating area - tables and chairs and some artwork on the walls.

            I think they also offer a deal on the rotisserie chicken some nights.