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Evil Snack

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Mrs. Dude and I were in the kitchen with the munchies the other night and came up with:

Peanut butter (chunky, for texture) on pale seedless rye, spread on both sides with chocolate chips in the middle. Then butter outside and grill like a cheese sandwich until golden brown and melty.

We are not allowed to make it or even speak of it again.

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  1. I do a grilled pb&j on seedless rye.
    Only allowed once per year in our house.

    1. I have a dog-eared recipe card with barely legible handwriting that features sliced bananas, Hershey's Special Dark chocolate bar rectangles and, um, Cap'n Crunch's Peanut Butter Crunch cereal in grilled sourdough.

      I don't recall the circumstances surrounding the last time I made one but I felt like it belonged in this post.

      1. Sounds like a s'more with attitude.

        1. dude -

          next time add slices of banana


          1. I hate you... I really really do.

              1. re: Teraesa22

                that is the problem, I did.

                this recipe is like a fluffernutter to a pubescent teenager with horrible acne....must have more

              2. Now I have to try this!!!

                No wonder I can't lose any weight.

                Damn you Dude!!!


                1. Am I the only one that sees no problem with making this again and having it more than once per year?

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                  1. re: Rick

                    Nooooooooooo.............. and maybe add caramel sauce into the mix??
                    Just wondering.

                    1. re: Rick

                      they'll make you go to rehab and you'll say no no no


                      1. re: Cookiefiend

                        Here's another one - challah bread with Pb on one side, Nutella on the other, thinly sliced bananas in between. Lightly coated with a non-hydrogenated veg spread (Becel) to reduce the calories ;o), and then grill. Top with powdered sugar. I did these impromptu for an outdoor BBQ when the kids wanted a dessert. I used flour tortillas, bananas, nutella and marshmallows; gas grill. It was like a food orgie. Last time my friend brought it up, we all blushed.

                        1. re: itryalot

                          Nutella should be outlawed. Can't even bring it into the house any more.

                          Rick- admirable sentiment but hard, really hard...

                          1. re: dude

                            Dude, honest, what's so awful about it? Doubt it's much worse for you than a PB&J . . .

                            I agree with you about Nutella, it can't last much more than a week in my house.

                          2. re: itryalot

                            Instead of challah, I've made it with wonton wrappers, deep fry them, then sprinkle with confectionery sugar...I often skip the pb and go for marshmallow whip!

                      2. One of my few happy baby sitter memories was when one of ours put ginger snap cookies spread with a bit of pb and a sprinke of choc chips into the toaster ... you must try the ginger snap version!

                          1. I was out for brunch on Sunday and while I ate my gluten free waffles (blech) with bacon on the side (yum), my dining companion had french toast with bananas - and bacon - sandwiched between two of the pieces of french toast all drizzled with maple syrup. He himself said he would have never thought to put the bacon in the the middle of the french toast along with the banana - but that it was good - it certainly looked decadent and he finished it to the last drop.

                            1. Rye or sourdough, chunky PB on one slice, mayo and banana slices on the other, grill in butter, insert crisp bacon before closing -- Elvis had the right idea, just didn't take it far enough.

                              1. You know that camping Pie Maker you hold over a campfire? ( bread and pie filling) We add chocolate in the middle.
                                Sounds like there are some good additions/alternatives to cheese/pie filling, here.
                                Thanks for the drool factor and pushing the imagination.

                                1. This reminds me of a tasty Dutch breakfast treat I had while in Amsterdam...chocolade vlokken, lovely chocolate flakes that I sprinkled over toast spread with peanut butter. Sooooo good when it hits your lips!

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                                  1. re: spkspk

                                    ..but not so good when it settles around your hips =)

                                    All of the above sound lovely except I would have mine with cashew butter.

                                    1. re: spkspk

                                      Oh my gosh! I know those- when I was 7 or 8 I was friends with a kid whose parents (or at least mom) were Dutch and I think I had that at his house. Usually on buttered bread- so awesome...

                                      1. re: dude

                                        Yes, it's also delicious on buttered toast, especially when the chocolate flakes start to melt. I literally brought home 10 boxes - 6 of which I gave to friends as gifts, the remaining 4, well.... ;)