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Jul 21, 2008 03:55 AM

Parlor Steakhouse Review-90/3rd

Was hesitant at first cause I read couple of not so great reviews when they first opened a month or so ago. The space is rather classy from what I was expecting for the location and I was first customer on a Sunday eve at 530. I sat at bar and was greeted by Julia and "D" who were the sweetest and most professional bartenders who knew how to pour and mix a proper martini. My foodie partner in crime joined me shortly after and we started on a dozen Hama Ham oysters served with traditional mignonette vinegarette. A house salad followed. They also start you off with home made rolls and foccacia and a ramekin of chilled white bean dip-perfect to accompany your appetizers and cocktails.Since we were very hungry we chose a 2 lb steamed lobster as another appetizer which was delivered perfectly done.For our main course we had the 44oz. Porterhouse cooked med. rare and it did not fail to please. Boy was it delicious! No room for dessert!! Will definitely be back and I am so glad to have them in the neighborhood!!! The only small complaint I had was I wish the barstools were a bit more comfortable-but that's a minor point.

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  1. Thanks for that - how was the pricing? Did you notice if they have a lobster roll on the menu (had read here that they did/might)?

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      Actually I did not notice lobster rolls on menu-although I saw it on menu once before. Hama Hama oysters $2.50 apiece, Salad $8 -44oz Porterhouse $79-a 2lb lobster $48- more a special evening type place. But so convenient to your home!! I am a big fan of you mmruth!!!!

    2. Thanks for the review, as I live nearby. How was the winelist?

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        i did not peruse but they had a good selection i am told.

      2. Yeah..Lobster rolls in the neighborhood!

        1. My husband and I went for a late lunch yesterday. Overall, a welcome addition to the neighborhood, and more upscale than other places along that stretch of Third Avenue. The decor my husband noted, after I asked him what he thought was wrong with it - something seems missing to me - that it reminded him of Crate and Barrel. We sat in the dining area to the left, but next time I'd asked to be seated in the area to the right of the bar, which has less of a cavernous feel.

          We inquired about the plateaux - the small one, for $25, I was told (and the waiter checked), has two oysters, two clams and two shrimp, and given how the items were priced individually on the menu, that seemed a bit ridiculous. Instead, we had oysters to start, 3 each of 4 kinds, including Blue Points, Hama Hamas and Kumamotos (priced between $2.50 and $3.00 each). Excellent oysters, served with a nice horseradishy cocktail sauce, and a decent mignonette, though it seemed to be missing black pepper. We'd ordered an inexpensive white Burgundy, and had to wait a while to start on our oysters while they brought it up from the cellar. We then each had a lobster roll - $21 on the lunch menu - served on what appeared to be half a wide hotdog bun (it says brioche on the menupages menu, and I think it was), buttered and toasted. The lobster was quite good, very little mayonnaise, topped with finely chopped chives. The rolls come with baskets of french fries and fried onions, with a side of truffled mayonnaise. While the onions and fries were good, they were over salted (even my husband, who is a salt fiend, thought so), and I thought the truffle was a bit strong in the mayonnaise, but my husband disagreed.

          The dessert was amazing - easily one of the best desserts I've had in a while - peach stuffed beignets, served with a chamomile creme anglaise and ice cream (vanilla?). They had both black currant and ginger sorbets, which also sounded tempting.

          Tab was about $140 before tip. Service was generally good, though a little slow on occasion. The brunch menu (not on line) had a nice selection of both brunch and lunch items, and I was told they will start serving lunch during the week in August.


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            I thought the decor was cheap and I agree with the Crate and Barrel comment. Also, even from the dining room, that huge TV screen at the bar intruded. One of our steaks was very good and one was leathery and tough. I thought the raw seafood was very over priced. I imagine I'd go back for a burger and a beer at the bar, but that's it.

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              Did you try a plateau? I'm so curious about the actual quantities, given what I was told. I didn't think the oyster pricing was bad, but it would be nice if there were a slight discount for a dozen or half a dozen, as many places do. I wish there were another raw bar option in the neighborhood - sometimes I just get things from Citarella and have it at home instead.

              I did appreciate that they had nice heavy silverware (a bit of a joke with us as my BIL always "tests" the heft of it!).

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                I'll let you in on a secret: go to the Vinegar Factory. Their fish department is actually a concession owned by somebody else. Anyway...you can buy a dozen big cherrystone clams for $7, and for an extra dollar you can have the whole dozen shucked. And they wrap them very nicely on ice. Or you can just walk into the cafe there and eat them.

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                  Really - that's great to know. Closer to us too, and I imagine I can order ahead and just pop in while my husband waits in the car. The fish is always beautiful there, but I don't usually buy it because it's so expensive. Reminds me that I want to start a thread on grocery shopping in the area - price/value ratios!

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              truthfully, I was disappointed by the lobster roll. Not nearly as much lobster as POB or Ed's and the "brioche" seemed like cheap sunbeam bread. I know those restaurants are specialist, but for roughly the same price, I expected better from a former Lure chef. Spot on about the mayo, too much truffle. I like mayo with a decent level of acidity, and truffles just bury that characteristic causing it to taste "flat".

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                Certainly I prefer the ones at Mary's and POB, but last time I was at Mary's, it was $34 or so, more than 50% more expensive than the $21 for the one here.

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                  Just went again last night-had my standard 2 pre dinner martinis followed by a lobster cocktail which is half a tail w some sort of sauce-very fresh and delicious. I then tried the heirloom tomato salad w gorganzola chees which tasted very good althought tomatoes were a bit on the soft side-nevertheless delicious and a very nice presentation. On to a hangar steak which was great except could have used a bit less salt which I mentioned to them. I hated myself for indulging in a side of fries which came with onion rings crowning the fries but soooo good. Again , the atmosphere very vibey-meaning it feels very welcoming and hip. Owners are very nice and caring as well.Go support them in this new venture!!

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                    The rest of the street charges $24-28. Not sure why Mary's charges extra. If there is an extra ounce of meat, it is very well hidden.

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                      4 of us went the other night, and we will be back. The 4 different entrees and the 3 sides left no work for the dishwashers, and the wine list featured younger wines at modest prices. But the sommelier was v knowlegable and his recommendation was excellent and less expensive than the one I had originally chosen. The service was on and off, but that may be a function of the recent opening. The only criticism we had, and it is a serious one, was the noise level: We simply could not hear each other. Will ask for another spot on our return. Price for 4 with two bottles of wine and tip: $500. You can make your own decision as to whether that is high or not.