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Jul 21, 2008 01:50 AM

Best Fast Food Chain?

Which fast food chain do you think is the best?

For me,

Burgers and Fries: In n Out
Needs no explanation, unless your into Six dollar Anus burgers and what not.

Pizza: Papa John's
Actually pretty good crust considering they are a fast food chain and they beat pizza hut by far. Dominoes is like a loaf of bread with toppings. Shakey's is a little bit too vinegary for me.

Other: Chipotle
This category includes everything else - Quizno's, Subway, El Pollo Loco etc.

Best Beverage: Lollicup
It's an SGV thing, they have the best texture of boba, not chewy but not extremely soft either, and their tea is pretty good, but not as good as Tapioca Express. It's a little to bland and not tea enough.

Best Coffee? I dont drink coffee so I wouldn't know.

Anyother Bests?

Whoops! My computer lagged a bit so it posted twice. Sorry.

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  1. I agree with you about In-N-Out but when it comes to pizza I don't think any chain makes good pizza (or even decent pizza). There is no pizza chain that I would even think of patronizing because they're all so bad.

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    1. re: monkuboy

      I don't know- I love love love Donatos pepperoni pizza.

      1. re: jessicheese

        An ex boyfriend hailed from Ohio - I went back home with him once and isntantly developed a liking for Donatos. Everytime I travel back to Ohio-Indiana, I stop in.

    2. Wings: I like Quaker Steak. I really like the pretzel appetizer with beer cheese dip.

      Pizza: Garlic Jim's. All the decent non-chains in the area are just too far a drive and Garlic Jim's has a lot more interesting sauces/toppings than most.

      Chicken: Chik-Fil-A.

      Burgers and Fries: We don't have In n Out so I'll have to go for 5 guys.

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      1. re: queencru

        I'd like to add my opinion about Quaker Steak & Lube...but we can't get near the place. They opened near me a couple of months ago and every time we thot of going there it was an hour or so wait! I guess it must be pretty good.

        1. re: al b. darned

          Finally got to try QS&L. The wings are really good. Full of flavor and not dripping wet like some of the local places serve them. The "hot" ones have a decent bite and good flavor and won't melt your teeth. Next time I will go up a notch or two. Not brave enuf to sign the waiver and try the "atomic" ones.

          The onion rings are great! (I am a self-professed o-ring snob.) Thick sliced with a crunchy batter and served with a BBQ dipping sauce. They even stayed crunchy in the to-go box for the ride home.

          My wife said her order was also worth a second visit, too.

          Seems as tho all the hype is accurate.

      2. Being from the east coast and therefore not having In n Out and I have to say White Castle for burgers...usually just burgers because the fries are soggy

        Best coffee - dunkin donuts even though I hear McDonald's is giving them a run for there money

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        1. re: ajr524

          Then you'd probably hate I&O's fries. Limp, greasy and soggy.

        2. Best burgers and fries-Culvers

          1. Pizza- Papa Murphy's, but only the Gourmet Garlic Chicken, or the Chicken, Bacon, Artichoke. The red sauce pizzas are a pass.
            Burgers- B-Bops
            Other- Popeye's

            These are pretty much the only chains I go to anymore, and not often.