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Jul 20, 2008 11:53 PM

Alexandra Guarnaschelli’s Show

Can't find the original thread to reply to. Guess it was one of those where it began about one thing and made a tangant to another. Anyhow, sometime last week someone was talking about looking forward to seeing chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli's cooking show on FN. I said something on the order of "alas, I hear it's a travel show, what a waste." Well I just wanted to correct that.

You see, and sorry if this sounds egotistical, don't mean it so, but as I have a blog that covers these things I'm sometimes a bit ahead in terms of getting information. Problem with that is everything in television (and sometimes it seems especially the Food Network) can change on a dime.

I based what I'd said on the information I had at that time which was (and I quote or cut and paste from "somewhere"):

Adventures in Eating -- Viewers will need their passports when we join famed chef Alex Guarnaschelli of New York hotspot, Butter, as she traverses the continent and the globe in the Food Network series, Adventures in Eating

Now whether or not *that* show is or isn't still on the schedule I have no idea. (Flux, remember.) Either it is a second show we'll see some time or it's been replaced before it ever saw the light of day.

My new and most current information which has been more authenticated is that -- yea!! -- she IS doing a true cooking show called The Cooking Loft and will premiere at the very end of August.

So, hurrah to another *real chef* program coming!

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  1. Thanks for the update. Sounds promising. Here is the link to the original post:

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      No wonder I couldn't find it. hehe Thanks, Bhutani.

    2. It's weird that Food Network's web site seems to have absolutely nothing about this new show, but Google helped me find a few interesting tidbits. According to TVaholic ( she will have four "student" cooks with her on each show, ala a cooking class.

      It looks like FN is testing a number of audience interactive models. Ask Aida and Food Detectives getting audience input from the internet, etc. Bobby Flay's Grill It and now Alexandra Guarnaschelli's show with members of the public (as audience surrogates) actually participating in the cooking.

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        They did a study or something and FN came up with two elements ... guests and interactive particpation.

        This is why Paula Deen's new show (Best Dishes) has on family members and guest cooks. It is why Bobby's Grill It! has folks on who did the video grilling recipe "auditions" and note how his show starts with the laptop opening and viewing the video. Part of the success of the Neely's is how they play off each so effortlessly. That's why Alex is having students, et al. ...

        The audience obviously likes it when the chef has someone to bounce off of, likes it when their are chefs or minor celebs on (Paula's Party), likes when the fans become part of the process, and the interactiity and social participation of video uploads and email questions. Notice how Aida's show you can text for recipes, big time hitting the 20s market there. Now obvously they're can't make every show like that, but yes, it is the new trend, the new "black".

        Basically, as television and the web continue converging, television and the Food Network are catching up to Web 2.0.