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Jul 20, 2008 11:20 PM

In search of self serve fro yo on Westside

Hi and please help!! I just visited Yogurt Zone in Woodland Hills where you have a choice of about 10 different flavors of frozen yogurt, from Pinkberry-ish to all kinds of other low fat flavors. You pay by the ounce, and you do the toping bar yourself. You can also get cones. It's amazing and so fun. Have any types of shops like this popped up on the West side yet? FarmBoy does not compare at all to what I'm talking about. Yogurt Zone was more of a yogurt emporium, and now I'm on a mission. Thank you so much!!

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  1. One more thing...they had about 30 different topping choices!!

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      Sorry, don't know about Westside but if you are anywhere near Koreatown, there is Yogurberry on Wilshire at Western. They have many flavors that rotate 6 or 8?at a time. Their original, green apple, and coconut are really delicious. They have many self serve toppings and you pay by the ounce. They have cereal, nuts, cheescake, mochi, fruits to name some toppings. The space is big and comfortable.

      1. re: Jolly

        Thanks, but I'm really looking for SM/West LA area.

    2. There's one opening soon on Santa Monica blvd. and Bundy called Twist or Twister or something. In the same shopping corner as Ono's Hawaiian. They're supposed to charge 38 cents per oz. Don't know when it'd open, no indications, no dates.