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Jul 20, 2008 10:17 PM


After a week of anticipation (heightened after reading so many positive reviews), I finally had the chance to dine at Scarpetta tonight with some friends. Sadly, we were disappointed.

While the room (we dined in the back) was well-designed, well-lit and well-serviced by a pleasant waiter and team of bussers, the food was lacking.

It began with our bottle of red wine arriving at the table cold-- too cold to drink, which wasn't right, even on a hot night like tonight...and that's not all that was too cold. It's worth noting that all of the food that was served was luke-warm.

Raw Yellowtail - described as "thinly sliced", a relative term to be sure, but this was on par with the thickness of sliced bread
Tuna 'susci' - tasted as though it might have been missing an ingredient
Creamy Polenta (specialty as described by our waiter) - excellent, possibly the best thing we ate
Imported Burrata with eggplant - very good
Crispy Fritto Misto - soggy, oily and far from "crispy"

Spaghetti with tomato and basil (another specialty as described by our waiter) - very good taste but served warm, not hot. And at $24, it's way too expensive
Imported Calamarata Pasta with mixed seafood, uni and minted breadcrumbs - too al dente and again, not hot

Boneless Braised Veal Shank - rich, tasty but not hot
Branzino - bland

I'd like to say they were having an off night-- our waiter didn't even stop by to ask how our food was. I'm sad to say that I won't be back soon.

Pros: bread basket w/accoutrements, handsome room
Cons: bread basket should not be the highlight, very expensive for what it is, food wasn't hot!

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  1. had teh same issue with my calamarata pasta. way too al dente, to the point of being unenjoyable.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. syb, thanks for posting a report. Maybe it was just an off night or a newbie still getting the kinks out. This is why I generally avoid new restaurants for at least 6 months. We are finally going to Dovetail this weekend.

        1. We were there Sat night, had an excellent meal, food was hot, service was excellent, we had a bottle of the rose which was perfectly chilled. My fritto misto was properly crispy, loved the sardines. My husband had the paste (that's how it's spelled on the menu) with the lamb ragu, I had the ravioli, both were very good and rich. It was way too hot to eat anything else after that. Especially since we found out as we were leaving that the a/c had been broken up to 20 minutes before we arrived, it was just getting cool as we left.

          I do agree about the $24 for the pasta w/tomato and basil, it is ridiculously priced, at least our $24 pastas had a little meat in them!

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            that's the dilemma with teh spaghetti. it's so simple, yet so good. i have a hard time justifying the price, yet i always got it at limpero.

          2. My friend made a res and what can I say? It was very, very good. Liked the bread with the ham baked into it; the chilled pea soup with crabmeat was terrific and friend loved the salmon tartare. We both had pastas: I had the tortoni which was surprisingly light and she had a linguini (I think) with lamb ragu and peas that rocked. I think the apps are overpriced but the food really impressed me.