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Jul 20, 2008 08:36 PM

Does this make me a non chow now?

I have to admit something to you all. It's not easy. But here goes.

I made an amazing dessert by tweaking a recipe from RR's mag. Yes. I did. Me, maisonbistro. I bow my head in shame - yet reaped huge amounts of praise. Kudos from food afficionados no less.

In the latest issue, she has some desserts that don't require baking. The very first one got my attention, as it sounded like, with some tweaking, it could bring me close to dessert nirvana - hungarian ludlab (the recipe of which seems to be a very closely guarded national secret).

So, I omitted the peanut butter from the recipe, omitted the crust and the peanuts, and simply lined a bread pan with cling film, put down a layer of thawed sour cherries sprinkled with a little sugar, and then made the chocolate filling following the directions (melted choc (caillebot disks that I had bought to make the NYT cc cookies) with butter, egg yolks whipped over a bain marie, whipped cream. I also didn't add the layer of chocolate melted with butter and corn syrup to form the crust.

I chilled it for the day, unmolded, and voila - the raves just kept coming.

I am close to creating a ludlab. Vewy vewy close. And if this is as close as I ever get, I will be ok with it.

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  1. Truth be told, I made some spare-ribs from the RR mag (I read it in the Dr.'s waiting room and wrote it on the back of a receipt) and they were really good.

    So, hold your head up high, you are still a Chowhound and so am I. We both know a good recipe when we see one, regardless of where we may find it.


    1. it sounds as if you tweaked that a LOT :)
      but I agree with EliAnnKat - nothing wrong with recognizing a good (or tweak-able) recipe. She has millions of them. Some of them have to be good.

      1. Then perhaps I should confess, too. I saw Emeril making this on TV. He called it Chicken Normandy. It looked fantastic: chicken with bacon, apples, cream, and cider! (And I also admired Emeril's courage because he came out with it in 2002, when France-bashing in the US was at its worst. Thank god those dark days are over and this recipe is still as delicious as ever!)

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          My mother is a huge fan of Emeril. She would keep track of the recipes she liked and then ask me to make for her (she's 88 and I do most of the cooking for her). Truth be told? 85% or more of Emeril's recipes worked extremely well. Very few of his recipes were real duds or just simply didn't work. The Chicken Normandy dish was on her list but I never got around to it. Sounds like I should once cooler weather returns.

          The DD

          1. re: pilinut

            Thanks for the link to that recipe! Sounds like a great cold weather dish to me... Would also be great with pork chops!

          2. I think the question is: why did you have the RR magazine to begin with? ;)

            And I agree with the previous posters - nothing wrong with using/tweaking a recipe from any source, as long as it's good!

            1. Anyone can make a mistake once in a while.

              .... which means, yeah, Rachael can actually come up with something delicious every blue moon.

              Not your fault, MB. Rach just faulted on the delectible side of the Force for once. :-)