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Jul 20, 2008 08:22 PM

Square Peg Diner MSP

Could anyone tell me about their experience at Square Peg Diner on Hennepin Ave in NE Minneapolis? I drive by it often and am kind of curious if it is a nice solid family-style restaurant that hasn't been updated since the 60's or 70's...the kind with big puffy vinyl seats and warm lighting. Is the food any good?

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  1. i don't rec anything on the lunch menu, i've been disappointed. however i think their breakfast is okay diner food. nothing earth shattering, but i'm fond of their pancakes and a couple of their breakfasts. a little greasy, but not too bad. they have a crowd of regulars and older folks, and service is usually quite efficient, esp if you tip big-- you know, more than 10% :)

    1. I live right near the Square Peg and have been there a handful of times for breakfast. The corned beef hash is arguably one of the best in the area. The chef (who's come out and talked to us on more than one occasion) brines the beef in house. I've eaten a lot of CBH in my day and this is easily one of my favorites!

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        Ah, corned beef hash sounds good. Thanks for that tip.

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          Besides the beef, what made the CBH so good?