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Jul 20, 2008 08:12 PM

low-priced San Diego sushi

Obviously we all know that great sushi can be found at Shirahama and Ota. However I'm not always able to drop $80 or more on dinner for two. What are some "good enough" sushi places in San Diego, where two people can have decent sushi (drinks not necessary) for under $40-50? Does this even exist?

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  1. Well, there's Oishii in Santee, which is my first choice, but I know you're not in East County. If you're not looking for ambiance per se, I'd recommend Chiba by McGregor's on San Diego Mission Rd. or Kiyo's in the Gaslamp.

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      Santee is a little out of the way, but Chiba and Kiyo's sound like good candidates, thanks.

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        Sushi Deli in Hillcrest/Mission Hills is good and inexpensive. It is located on Washington.

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          Cool, wasn't aware it was lower-priced. Thanks.

        2. Second Oiishi. It really isn't that far.

          Take the 52 to Mast Blvd. Can only turn East. in a small strip mall South side of street just before the 10th light (Magnolia) across from Albertsons - lights are timed so once you make the first one and go the speed limit you can drive through.

          I also like Banbu Sushi in La Mesa inside old Pacific Theaters lobby by trolley station off of Fletcher Parkway.

          I do not like going to *any* place that advertises "half price sushi" but I can tell you where those are if you care. (I see more and more popping up all over town).Those would meet your price critera and all have "A" ratings ( I always look when passing by) but for some reason, I have a small fear of eating at most of them.

          1. I assume you've tried Zensei and found it lacking? Surfside might fit the bill - at Garnet and Mission in PB. Yoshino apparently serves sushi - though I haven't tried it, and of course there's always Sushi Deli. We also used to occasionally tolerate Nami, on the corner of 5th and University in Hillcrest before a movie over there - but it's been awhile so I can't really vouch for it now.

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              yeah Zensei at Happy Hour seems like a great first stop for you Josh

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                I've been to Zensei many times. Was looking for an alternative.

            2. We did omakase at Kaito in Encinitas for under $40/pp. I realize this may be beyond the city limits of SD but we were surprised by the cost to quality ratio. Excellent sushi for the price. Even better service from the chef!

              Within city limits, Edo Sushi in UTC is pretty good w/ fair prices.

              Have you tried Izakaya Sakura? We usually eat at the tables and order a mix of sushi and izakaya, so can comment on the actual prices.

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                Sakura is quite expensive for sushi, IMO. The mix sushi is $20 for six pieces of nigiri.

                1. re: Josh

                  Yeah, I think you might be right. The chirashi bowl is a steal at $20, though.