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TNFNS 7/20 (spoilers inside)

What a let-down!

This is my opinion: Somewhere along the line, they decided they just like Aaron. And almost every week, he screws up (except for the week with the RR Yummo thing). But they like him, so they make excuses for him over and over.

So this week, he got the easy promo. His 3 minute performance totally tanked, and his food was week. But they just couldn't let him go. They are in such a dillema, because they just want to give a show to this guy, but he consistently doesn't live up to their expectations.

They should have let him go.

Their original problem was the casting, and now they are in a bind.

* Adam can only cook one kind of food and knows nothing about anything else. He does his own food well. But his own food isn't so original on the Food Network.

* They just don't like Lisa, and they think no one else will either. She is the most talented chef they have of the three remaining. She knows food, and her food is classy and the kind of food that makes a person feel special.

* Aaron: first he had no presense on camera. That lasted through most of the episodes, but someone else always did worse, so he remained. In Vegas, he did a good promo, but for the rest of the time he had no presense. He did a bunch of pasta dishes. No one was impressed except for the crabcake. They clearly should have said goodbye.


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  1. i actually missed all but the end. i see your point completely though - but the thing is, i like him too. he's just likable. and can cook.
    i was glad to hear that adam can apparently cook too.

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    1. re: AMFM

      He may be able to cook, but didn't tonight. Three pastas, all store bought.

      1. re: Janet

        i agree 100% with meryl's assessment.

        as soon as it ended last night i said, "man, they're *really* trying to find a way to make aaron TNFNS." i was so uncomfortable watching him bomb during his buffet intro that i nearly changed the channel. and his food really looked amateurish and uninspired. he also needs to enunciate better. the mumbling & missed syllables don't exactly make for informative, understandable dialogue.

        no surprise that all three are still alive to compete in the final - i made that call last week. way too obvious.

        i don't think they'll give it to lisa - once again the judges questioned whether viewers would *like* her enough to want to tune in every week. here's a news flash for the FN execs: many of us wouldn't watch ANY of them.

        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

          agreed on the last point ghg. and as i mentioned i didn't watch. all store bought is painful. i'm sure that without saying it they think aaron is the most diverse. although with her "upscale" thing (stlll a schtick though) i think lisa might be the most different from their current programming.

          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

            I agree with your assessment. They really want Aaron. He kind of has the Guy Fieri thing going for him. I too felt kind of sick to my stomach listening to his presentation. And his food didn't look too hot as well. And I also thought that all three were going to go to the finale from last week -- I think I've about forecasting from watching too much Top Chef!

            Even though I'm pretty sure Lisa won't win, I think just purely from the food concept, I'd like to watch her. I think watching her hyperactivity and exaggerated motions won't put me at ease though. I don't think I'd be making Aaron's food very often -- too heavy for my taste. Adam -- even though he did well last night, not sure if he can exactly cook. One good night can't make up for all the mediocre ones. And he did have Shane's help last night.

            1. re: Miss Needle

              I think Lisa is probably the best cook of the 3, but she irritates the heck out of me. Makes it difficult.

              1. re: LulusMom

                I think I'd probably prefer Lisa's food with Aaron's personality. I can understand that Adam may be more "comfortable" around the camera than the others, but I find his schtick annoying.

                    1. re: Ericandblueboy

                      I watch a cooking show for both - cooking chops and personality. Personality will only get one so far.

                1. re: Miss Needle

                  I've felt for a while that Aaron was "their guy" - Guy F had a similar path and something about the easy going likability factor. I've liked Aaron from the start and he's the one I'd most like to watch (including older contestants) ... I'm sure that even when he doesn't bomb that his stuff isn't the best, but remember that FN isn't always about "the best" but about connecting to the average home cook.

                  And speaking of Shane, Aaron was paired with whatsherface from Providence. He didn't seem to be particularly happy about that, they didn't seem to get along at the end, and they never really showed the two of them working together. Granted his menu was a bit uninspired but you gotta wonder if she "brought him down" at all (IMO she was the weakest cook out of the 3 that they brought in)

                  1. re: jgg13

                    The 3 pastas seemed like an obvious mistake right away. I wish Aaron hadn't done that.

                    1. re: jgg13

                      ooh, i meant to comment on the sous-chef issue earlier. aaron really got the short end of the stick on that one, and i was so worried she'd royally screw something up for him...sadly, he didn't need her help with that. but i was wondering if shane or kelsey might have encouraged hm to get a little more creative or elegant had either of them been assigned to him & seen his lame menu.

            2. I too have to agree with your assessment - but in my opinion, none of the candidates really had the personality that will make me want to tune in and watch. Yes Lisa is a good good, maybe the best of the bunch but I can not see myself wanting to catch her show they way I currently do for other established FNTVSs.

              I do feel that the judges find someone they think will appeal and fit in to where they have a gap and then look to promote them - this happens in all the reality shows.

              I just take it for the entertainment it provides.

              1. After almost four seasons, I've come to the conclusion that this is just a bad way to find
                TV talent and cooking skill. This format seems doomed to failure more times than not.

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                  1. re: Antilope

                    But the weird thing is it works for decorating on their sister network, HGTV and Top Chef usually fines the contestants to leave the best chef standing. So I completely understand why they keep it going. Oh, ,and I'm guessing they get pretty good ratings on the show, too.

                    1. re: MplsM ary

                      I love HGTV's Design Star yet I'm underwhelmed by FTVs Next Food Network Star. At least on Design Star they give the contestants enough time and money to do the challenges, and the challenges actually show what the contestants can do. On TNFNS all we see them do is flail around doing poorly conceived challenges in time frames that don't necessarily fit the task.

                      And, have you noticed that with Design Star they give the winner a prime time slot (9:30 om) on a week night, not buried at 9:30 am on a Sunday morning? I'd have not problem with either of the last to Design Star winners redoing a room in my house. Not so sure I'd want to cook with any of TNFNS winners.

                      The DD

                      1. re: DiningDiva

                        I love Design Star and can't wait for the finale!!

                  2. I'm afraid I don't have an opinion too far off the beaten path, here. 3 contestants in the finale was very easy to see coming. And the reason is clear, the person that they want to win does not have what it takes to move himself to the front of the line!

                    I agree with the poster who said that "diversity" is probably playing too strong of a role in the judges' decision-making process. Hey, if they wanted diversity, they should have kept Nipa. Granted, she wasn't great in front of the camera, had a bad attitude, and couldn't cook good food, but let's not let details such as these get in the way of diversity!

                    I keep asking myself 2 questions: Do we know what the contestant's show would be about, and what demographic would the marketing department focus on? With Aaron, I have no idea what the answer is to either question. With Adam, it's not absolutely clear, but I can see a show featuring comfort foods (i.e. cheese fries, smoked meats, pizzas, etc.) that is kinda wacky that is geared towards young couples, soccer moms, and late 20-somethings. Problem is, isn't that what Guy's Big Bite is? Finally, we have Lisa...who I can't stand. However, her vision of her food has been clear since the 1st episode: Beautiful Basics (she even has a catchy/dorky name for it) She routinely puts out food that is better than most, if not all of the other competitors (last night's comments aside, I thought her menu was the best). And her show would probably appeal to the widest demographic range out there. Yes, she definitely needs some work. But they aren't left with a contestant who doesn't need some serious work. And right up through her singing buffet introduction last night, Lisa has shown us how bad she wants this and she is willing to put forth a maximum effort to win. I hate to say it, because beginning in the 1st episode, I just couldn't stand her, I think they need to give this thing to Lisa unless she just does something off the charts miserable next week to blow it.

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                    1. re: BaseballNut

                      Ok - what person is ready to host his or her own tv show after a competition without some work. For some of these contestants, it is the first time they are in front of the camera. How can anyone assume that they will just run away with a show? The contest will be over in a week or two and the show won't be on for a while - they will work with them, I assume,

                    2. That sounds about right. I like Aaron, especially off camera. I wonder if they're hoping he'll eventually get that comfort on camera but it's already been weeks. Lisa is more about the appearance than anything else--the appearance of looking good/wearing the right clothes, acting like she knows about cooking but is somehow off. Her cassoulet with canned beans being her specialty is a prime example. Last night, her burning the pork is another. She has way too much nervous energy and it feels like she tries too hard. And, Adam had to wait until now to show that he can cook? You can't be a one trick pony, especially if your specialty is smoking and grilling and Bobby Flay is a judge (um, that's Bobby's show) and hope one episode will pull it out. The judges said they've never had a tougher decision--I wonder if it's because they don't love any of the choices, not because they like them all too much. As they said, not one of the finalists completely embody the TNFNS.

                      1. Peronally, what would make ME watch TNFNS's show would not so much be the host as the content.

                        I am not a huge Emeril fan, but I liked many of his dishes. Same with Giada....don't really LIKE her, but her food looks good. Then there are the hosts that are fun to watch...(IMO)...Guy, RR, Paula....I would not potentially COOK anything they make, but they make the show entertaining.

                        Considering the format they are probably going to have this show in---a straight cooking-demo set-up, like Essence of Emeril or Giada, I would prefer to want to make what they are cooking to their "likability" factor.

                        That being said, none of the three really have nailed it for me. I would love a fusion-Asia show or some other nationality that is lacking on FTV.

                        1. I do think Aaron is likable. His buffet intro was a nightmare but with coaching he could be good. And Lisa has grown on me. She's not nearly as pretentious as she was at first. I wonder if Adam can cook anything besides smoked meat? He is certainly the only natural performer.

                          1. Let's face it - does it really matter. Currently the FN is running at one for three. Only Guy F has really made himself a star on the network. The two guys that one the first year and the lady that won last time - are their shows even around anymore. So why should it surprise anyone that whoever wins, Lisa, Aaron or Adam - unless they change overnight, they will have one season and also be forgotten.

                            The networks knows people are watching each season so they will continue to search this way since the show pulls in views and perhaps given that the mean justifies the end - and they hope another Guy is found.

                            I do agree with the individual that posted about Nipa - her point of view would have filled a gap the network is overlooking. What they need to do is find someone and work with them - they need to look for potential, not expect the person to have it right away. Nipa could have developed into something that is not being addressed by any other host.

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                            1. re: drbelfer

                              I would only watch Aaron's show-I do like him quite a bit. Adam has been very inconsistent and had only a few good shows, I also find him annoying-they should have kept Shane over adam. Lisa I just wouldnt watch-she can cook but I wouldnt watch her show if she had one.

                              1. re: drbelfer

                                All the FN chefs and "chefs" have had media training. Don't let anyone kid you. Not one of them was "ready for prime time." I know the folks who did the training......

                                1. re: ChefJune

                                  If you've ever watched a "chefography", you know that none of the big name chefs showed up the first day and hit it out of the ballpark. Especially Giada, who looked like she was in extremus while taping the shows for her first season.
                                  Which is why I find it so ironic how she is quick to criticize the cheftestants-I mean, she is just not nice!
                                  Bobby Flay on the other hand seems to root for them and knows that he was once very inexperienced and had to work hard to cultivate the amazing tv presence he has today.

                                2. re: drbelfer

                                  drb, I think you're referring to my post re: Nipa, but I'm not sure I feel like I was understood. Nipa would have filled a void in FN's lineup, but I didn't mean to suggest that Nipa would have been a good choice. Nipa came with too much baggage. Someone else with the same vision for a show would certainly be a good addition to the FN roster.

                                3. Aaron is just awful. I liked him from the beginning, because he's very likeable while they are cooking and in the interviews, but he is horrible on camera, and he has been consistently horrible the entire time! I feel like watching any show that he would be on would just make me anxious (for the minute before I turned the channel) because he is so anxious whenever he is on camera, and that affects the audience. I don't quite get why they kept him -- I think that they see his interesting personality in judging and when he's cooking, and keep hoping that that will shine through to his performance on camera, but it never does.

                                  1. I gotta prefer Lisa to the other choices. Granted she is a little Martha Sewart meets Romulan, but does TVFN need another aging frat boy. The channel seems so primed on their new found testosterone, that it seems to forget that some of us want something a little more varied

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                                    1. re: rozz01


                                      This is the best line I've read on Chowhound ... "Martha Stewart meets Romulan".

                                      I've always thought she was more Vulcan, but you may be right.


                                    2. I agree with the OP's notion that the judges like Aaron and want to see him win. I don't get the aversion to Lisa and Adam from the judges and most of the people who post on the boards.
                                      My only issue with her was the high heels in the kitchen. Once she lost them she became far more relatable-and she was amazing bursting out into song in this last challenge. That took guts, and she really, really though about it. Far more than Aaron and Adam.
                                      I also thought her promo was very difficult-I thought she handled it well. She had to memorize lines, hit her mark by activating the controls that lifted and lowered her some 4-5 stories in the air, and not let Guy's being a complete jerk to her cause her to fail.
                                      "we're burning daylight"-shut up!
                                      Guy was less than helpful with Adam too.
                                      Aaron's promo was the least involved and Bobby encouraged him and lifted him up after he had a rough start. Very nice.

                                      As for the food, I think Aaron's buffet appeared to be the weakest. Three pastas was to me, an easy out. There's no challenge, no cooking skills needed and not a lot of imagination.
                                      Lisa's food looked great, even though the crown pork got a bit burned on the outside. But I thought she recovered beautifully by scraping it off and garnishing it and just putting it out there. And having some dry pieces was ultimately her fault, but really, it was an oven that cooked very unevenly. Remember, Tush had a juicy piece and Guy's was dry-and he was so vocal about it! So, was it overcooked? No. It was cooked unevenly.
                                      Adam's food looked good too. He went to his strong-suit, but hey, I would too.
                                      At the judges table, I was really taken aback by the judges dislike of Lisa and Adam. I dont get it. It just seemed so very biased. How are they to judge with equipoise when the so clearly find 2 of the contestent's personalities unlikable?

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                                      1. re: monavano

                                        I agree. I have felt that for some strange reason they want Aaron to win. Last week his goof up with RR was brushed aside, wheras Lisa was raked over the coals for her blunder.

                                        1. re: monavano

                                          The solution is to give the winner the show as per the contest rules and then bring Aaron back anyway - first as a guest and then work him into his own show as he gets more comfortable in front of an audience.

                                          On the RR show he had people to play off of that he felt comfortable around - in Vegas he was clearly intimidated and his brain was elsewhere when he devised the menu for his buffet. Even I can think of a hundred other things to serve on a buffet in Vegas with a $1000 budget. :D And I'm a pretty simple person. lol

                                          1. re: Bratdawg

                                            Thing is though, with all of the editing we really have no idea what *really* transpires in any of these episodes. People always forget that we're seeing what the editors want us to see - not what happened. This is true of all of these shows, not just NFNS. Everyone always bases their opinions on what is shown in the eps, who knows what really happened?

                                            I do know that from the editing standpoint that Aaron comes across as the person I'd most like to watch, but heck - it could be that the powers that be want him in so they edited things that way. It could also be that this whole "bad camera presence, but learning quickly!" thing was completely concocted.

                                            1. re: jgg13

                                              jgg13, you beat me to it with this post. I, too, had the same thought about the fact FTV is showing us what they want us to see, not what reality may truly be. Aaron comes off very naturally in the off-challenge interview segments but in the on camera challenge segments he seems so tense and tentative. I've always wondered which was the "real" Aaron. I strongly suspect it's more likely the person we see during the one-on-one off-challenge comment segments.

                                              Aaron is certainly the most likable of the 3 remaining contestants and if you go back over the comments made here, almost no one has bashed him the way Lisa, Kelsey and even Adam have been scathed. He comes across as being a real, genuine person and not especially self-consumed. Say what you will, one of the things that made Emeril (and FTV) a success was that (in the early days) Emeril projected a similar sense of self. Before the hype, he was just a earnest, genuine kind of guy trying to teach people about food. Once they put him in front of a live audience, he connected with them because he *was* one of them, meaning that he treated his audience like a peer or family, not dumbed down idiots. Now, I'm not saying Aaron is the next (god forbid) Emeril, only that there is a similarity in that he seems to be able to connect with people on that peer or family level.

                                              Lisa's definitely worked hard and has shown and demonstrated her desire and ability, but I, too, think Aaron will get the show. Desperation is pretty and perhaps that's Lisa's undoing.

                                              The DD

                                              1. re: DiningDiva

                                                I think Aaron sort of stinks. He has a sweet lost puppy dog quality about him and people root for him, but I see nothing impressive at all. I wouldn't watch his show because I feel like he has nothing to really teach. He lacks ideas and he fumbles for words. And I'm not at all interested in making anything he has made so far. And even though he did well on the RR episode, I think that his hamburger pizza was bla.

                                                In the Las Vegas show, I truly believe that if there were any way through editing, for them to have made Aaron look any better, it would have happened.

                                                Lisa should win (but I could see if Adam got it). If neither of them win, I see a lawsuit in the future.


                                                1. re: puppymomma

                                                  "If neither of them win, I see a lawsuit in the future."
                                                  on what grounds?

                                                  1. re: puppymomma

                                                    My point was that Aaron has the likable "everyman" quality for which FTV is looking. I don't think anyone can question Lisa's work ethic, she has put in a herculean effort.

                                                    Lisa may deserve to win, Aaron probably will. And once it's done and over, none of us actually has to watch either one of them.

                                                    The DD

                                          2. Give Lisa a cooking show. Give Aaron a show with people. Give Adam a quirky travel show. Everyone wins.

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                                            1. re: HarryK

                                              lisa has the skills and camera presence (sort of) but aaron has the personality (and he DOES have plenty of experience)

                                              they should i agree let lisa win but groom aaron for his own show-i think i said before after he called some ET interviewer darlin' that was it! he has personality puh luss

                                            2. So who's your pick to win? I like Adam, but his food skills, well Bobby Flay has grilling and BBQ more than covered; based on that if nothing else that's an automatic out. Leaving Lisa and Aaron.

                                              Judging from the way she was talking on the blogs that sounds like she's a disgruntled loser. I can't imagine anyone behaving that way if she had won.

                                              So Aaron is my prediction as winner. What's yours?

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                                              1. re: HarryK

                                                Unless he literally falls flat on his face next week, Aaron. I came to the show late, and it became immediately apparent to me that the judges want him to win. I think they think they need an African American host. don't know why they can't go out and hire one, but I think they like HIM and have decided he is DA BOMB... I like him, as well, and think that with grooming, he will be a big hit.

                                                As for Lisa, I am curious why ANYONE allowed her in the kitchen wearing hells of ANY kind, let alone stilettos. That is simply not allowed in professional kitchens, and shouldn't have been allowed at TVFN.

                                                1. re: ChefJune

                                                  Dont agree - they have African American hosts - do you watch the Nealy's and they have another lady who just got a show (something about to your plate). If they wanted to capture a group that wasnt represented they would have gone with Nipa

                                                  1. re: ChefJune

                                                    I know people keep saying they only want Aaron (or Nipa) for the demographics because,as you said, if they want a show with that demographic, they can just hire someone. They don't have to rig a contest for it. Lisa comes off as a hyped up Martha Stewart, or lol, as roz01 said, "Martha Stewart meets Romulan." I think they push for Aaron because he has the most potential to appeal to the general Food TV audience, the ones who like Guy and RR and Sandra Lee. They've constantly said cooking is only a part of it. The cooking can be fudged, likeability can't.

                                                    1. re: chowser

                                                      I think Lisa "warmed up" or was more "human" with the additiona of the singing (isn't it weird and kind of unsettling how much her singing voice sounding NOTHING like her talking voice?). And she seemed rather at ease up on the wires. I would watch her show. She's my pick. Yes, they are keeping Aaron around...his bland pasta dishes in the buffet should have sent him packing (what on earth did he spend his $1,000 on? Orzo?). And how hard could his shoot have been when Bobby was like..."Here Aaron, walk like this and say the lines like this..."...Lisa didn't get any of that kind of help, and neither did Adam. And Aaron's attempt at humor when presenting his buffet to the crowd made me cringe...I literally had to fast forward past it because it was so difficult. Lisa's my pick. I have a conspiracy theory to add, too....the rant and rave she posted recently about her unfair editing which made her look like the sore loser was actually a very carefully crafted PR move on her and FN's part to make us THINK she had lost...when maybe she really won. But then again (ok, I sound crazy now)...when you freeze frame the end of Sunday's show, where they show the previews of next week's show with a shot of winner in the downpour of gold lame confetti....it looks like Aaron and Adam hugging, based on clothes. I don't see Lisa's bright yellow dress anywhere in that shot...it looks like two dark shirts, which is what Aaron and Adam were wearing. Yes, I rewound and replayed it a few times. And now that I sound like I watch WAY too much TV and have WAY too much invested in this show, I will just stop talking now.

                                                      1. re: ptrap

                                                        To echo what I said in another post - how do we know LIsa wasn't coached like Aaron was?

                                                        You can't use the answer "because they didn't show it" because that's not necessarily meaningful.

                                                        1. re: ptrap

                                                          I keep hearing about Lisa's rants on blogs & boards et al. Can someone point me in the right direction? Chowhound is really the only food board I read.

                                                          1. re: BaseballNut

                                                            Here is a link to D Magazine's food blog. Lisa was writing a short blog about each of the episodes, but then i guess was told by FN to stop speaking about the show. You'll have to look through this blog for many more postings from or about Lisa.


                                                  2. Aaron will win. Blandness is prized over uniqueness. Of the remaining three, it's Lisa who has the most complex personality. She is both negative and positive energy. Each week she does something very surprising...awe-inspiring and, yes, angering: She kvetched about Nipa holding them up, yet she was the first to come to Nipa's defense when she stormed out of the judgment session. She handled Martha Stewart like a champion fan. She froze w/RR. She took Paula Deen's cattiness as well as expected. When Jennifer all but sabotaged their team effort with the jar accident, Lisa tactfully laid blame w/o looking like Lisa Fernandas on Top Chef. But her big coup de guerre was getting Aaron to realize he needed to cook off the chicken for the Las Vegas challenge. Yes, she didn't tell Kelsey how to cook sausage. But she chose her to help in the last challenge (big mistake). You're all right, she's no joy to watch, but I WATCH her. And she went for broke with that song. Also, as for her cooking she has turned more disasters into successes than any of the contestants. Adam would be the Bob Saget of FN, Aaron, its Nipsy Russell, but Lisa would be...it's caffinated Romulan Martha Stewart.

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                                                    1. re: petefeliz

                                                      Interesting...i actually made the comment that Adam reminded me of Bob Saget when he was strutting across the stage with the showgirls.

                                                    2. Oops, my apologies for not giving Rozz absolute due credit for the M Stewart/Romulan line. Best ever. But check out Michelle Forbes in Star Trek TNG as Ensign Ro Laren. The resemblance is frightening.

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                                                      1. re: petefeliz

                                                        Now you people are just embarassing me... :0

                                                        1. re: petefeliz

                                                          As much as I love the Romulan line, I still love the Squinty McBangs one best! :)))

                                                        2. I really like Aaron but he tipped his hand with this last challenge. I don't think he's really got culinary chops. He's really likable especially when he lets it hang out. But they gave him a $1000 budget and he made crab cakes and pasta! Something ain't right there. They really want him to win and I think I do too but if I was a judge I don't think I could recommend him in good conscience.

                                                          Adam is Adam. Good performer, seems to lack outside his home court of BBQ. Of course the flipside is that Lisa seem to lack outside of HER home court - the difference is that French cuisine is more portable than BBQ and doesn't require much special equipment.

                                                          Lisa has really grown on me. I think with the right training she could pull it off.

                                                          The reason this show doesn't work is that it blends two distinct fields. Top Chef and Design Star stick to one field. It's easy to find awesome chefs and interior designers looking amongst professionals and serious hobbyists. NFNS, however has to find someone who is both an awesome chef AND an awesome performer. Much harder to find this kind of person ready-made. While the FTV judges have gotten better about it this season, they still seem criticize the players when they don't hit it out of the park on both facets at the same time. As I said last season they really need to focus on helping the players develop a concept for what their show would be and looking for both a viable concept and someone who has the POTENTIAL to be both a great chef and performer even if they are a little green in the beginning. Basically the "final challenge" for NFNS should be a 30 minute pilot the either gets "picked up" by the network or not.

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                                                          1. re: jzerocsk

                                                            i would watch lisa. she's interesting and makes good food. interesting food that i'd like to know how to do. aaron i like but wouldn't watch.

                                                          2. Everybody keeps saying Lisa is unlikable...but quite honestly, aren't most of the FN personalities unlikable and annoying? I mean seriously, the TV chefs without quirks are thought of as boring by most...think Sarah Moulton. I swear I believe a lot of folks watch RayRay because she is so irritating...and many of the others....

                                                            1. I believe it was already mentioned that Bobby was alot more helpful with Aaron than Guy was with the other 2. May have just been the editing, but Bobby actually went thru the Promo for Aaron (he said the lines and walked thru it) whereas Guy just handed the other 2 the card with the lines and told them what to do. Quite an advantage for Aaron to be able to watch Bobby run thru it vs. the other 2 just being told what to do. Seems to further back up the theory that FN 'wants' Aaron to win.


                                                              1. Team Lisa, for sure.

                                                                She may be Squinty McBangs, but I would tune in to see her show. The guys, not so much.

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                                                                1. re: yumyum

                                                                  Me too...
                                                                  She has a personality, a strong work ethic, food's her thing, she's very pleasing to my heterosexual eye, and she sang her face off!

                                                                  Wow that was good!

                                                                  The other guys are in a weaker league...

                                                                  1. re: Mild Bill

                                                                    Honestly, Bob hit it on the head -- have Adam open the show, Aaron design the menu and let Lisa cook it. I am not crazy about any of them, but Lisa has the best food chops (no pun intended) and if they can get her to relax, she might just make it.

                                                                    I still think there's potential for a show called Beginning Chef with Kelsey...

                                                                    1. re: brendastarlet

                                                                      "I still think there's potential for a show called Beginning Chef with Kelsey..."
                                                                      i don't think i could watch kelsey. but i'd add "and Shane" to the end of that hypothetical title. they played off of each other very well.

                                                                      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                                                        agreed - each has the skills the other lacks. and both went to culinary school but only one needs to tell us. :)

                                                                        1. re: AMFM

                                                                          Yes, I'd watch a show with both. I think they have just what the FN needs -- enthusiasm, personality, and certainly food skills on a par with the Neelys (I don't know what Guy's food skills are, because he never seems to cook anything.)

                                                                          I keep thinking about the three choices that are up Sunday night, and there really is not a natural winner among them. I don't think the judges are particularly enthusiastic about any of them, either. What a meh way to end the series.

                                                                          1. re: brendastarlet

                                                                            i still like lisa. the orange basil marmalade that was her in a jar, etc. she's made some good looking food in RIDICULOUS scenarios. i'd bet in real life she has great ideas.

                                                                2. Lisa has grown tremendously on me in the last few weeks. The girl can cook, and she knows her stuff. Once she gets some coaching, a little makeover to soften that Romulan look a bit, she'll be great. In fact, I think she's completely hot already!

                                                                  Aaron and Adam are both very limited in their abilities. They're both very likable, but neither of them has a tenth the culinary flair and ability that Lisa has. She has been coming up with really strong food under tremendous pressure. When she has a show and actually has time to plan and prepare, her cooking will be sensational, I'm sure.

                                                                  Anyway, I'm rooting for her.

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                                                                  1. re: Rhody Dave

                                                                    FN doesn't want to coach these people. One of the judges was complaining that Adam was expecting to get trained ' on their dime'. Kind of an odd comment.