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Jul 20, 2008 07:57 PM

La Gondola Lakehurst NJ........................

Three of us went to La Gondola in rt 70 Lakehurst tonight for an Italian dinner, my wife had a craving for pasta.....been there once before and it was satisfactory for a Pizza/Restaurant style place.....we were seated and after looking at the menus proceeded to give out order which were three Pepsi's, 3 egg drop/spinach soups.. Linguine w/white clam sauce, Linguine w/ Red Clam sauce...& my wife ordered Spaghetti w/ White clam sauce. We first got the soup which was tasteless.......after ten minutes the waitress comes back to ask how we are doing so we say ....."can we please have our Pepsi's now" !!!!......finally the main courses were served...they looked nice with fresh clams in the shell & chopped too..........BUT, my wife took one bite and tells me the Spaghetti is RAW!!!! She couldn't even twirl it on the fork, the other two were satisfactory but nothing she tell the waitress & she takes it back to the kitchen after 10 more min it returns & the waitress is watching her take the first wife tries it again and guess what? Its the same thing super aldente & uneatable...... disgusted we said please take it back & forget about it......she says the cook put it back in a pan with some juices and covered it trying to steam it cooked or something like that......5 minutes later she returns and says the cook is making a whole new his point we were done & I said fine just make it to go.....while we waited the OWNER comes to our table and apologizes & says that this is the way we make spaghetti & I can't please everyone!! wife said we're from a restaurant family & know what good pasta should be........after all this frustrated and just wanting to leave....I took the to-go order paid the bill and left.....Oh well another one crossed off our list for sure.......

Thank you for letting me vent

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  1. Ewwww. Sorry the meal turned out like that for you. We've passed that place many times, and even from the road it never gave off any good vibes.


    1. Sounds horrible. Ate here many times for years and always good food, but haven't been for about 3 years since I stopped working at Lakehurst.

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        Many people have suggested going to Luigi's Restaurant nearby in downtown Lakehurst as a good alternative for Italian also....we'll see.

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