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Jul 20, 2008 07:19 PM

Searching for Feijoada Meat in WLA

I found a frozen pack of cured pork parts and sausage for feijoada at the supermercado do Brazil on Venice near Overland, but at $16 for a roughly 2lb bag, it seemed kind of steep for what are basically throw away pig parts. Does anyone know of any other markets or carnecerias that stock Brazilian style meats and sausages? Preferably in west LA.

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  1. My understanding about feijoada (from my Brazilian friends) is that it's about throwing in whatever leftover meats you have.... Pork, beef, chicken, etc. Most unused meat is "fair game" to put into this stew.

    1. Sorry I missed this one.The feijoada kits sold at the various Brazilian markets are imported from Brazil.The problem with local meats for feijoada is that they are not cured.At any market in Brazil you can buy all these parts salt cured or smoked, essential for authentic feijoada, including the traditional tail, feet, and ears.These are throwaway here in the US, not so much at some ethnic markets, but they are not cured or smoked.Brazilian carne seca is also rare here, another traditional component.

      To do it cheaper you would have to order the parts, ears are pretty easy to come by at Vallarta, etc., but the tail isn't common, and then cure the parts at home.

      Your other option is to just make is without cured meats or parts which can still be great, but will not be the same flavor and texture. I buy the kits and use them for when I want to make a special feijoada. I believe most Brazilian restaurants in LA make their feijoada without cured meats or parts as their american clientele are turned off by the presence of the pig parts.Too many requests to leave them out, so they have.

      But, there is something magical about a traditional feijoada, especially when they pull the meats out and put them on the side so you can select your meats, a true feijoada completa.

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        Where can you get these kits?
        Is there one in specific that is better?

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          El Camaguay in Culver City carries them and so does Brazusa in El Sereno.I suppose most Brazilian markets in LA have them, I'd bought 2 from Kitanda before they closed last week,RIP.