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Getting sesame seeds to stick to your seared fish

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How do you get them to stay on when you pan fry your fish? What kind of fat and heat would you use in a regular pan (NOT non-stick)? Would it be better to bake it?

My seeds are always sticking to the pan. :\

Thank you :)

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  1. i just stick the raw / marinated fish into a plate with the sesame seeds -- press down a little and flip. then i just fry the fish in a medium/high heat stainless pan. i use a smallish pan (maybe 8-9 inches). i use mix b/w spray oil and regular so the bottom is fully covered. i've never had a problem with the seeds sticking -- not to say they don't stick at all - but usually the majority of the seeds stay on the fish.

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      Thank you for replying :) What's B/W stand for?


    2. You can use a little olive oil but I've used an infused mayo that works great. I've done this with sesame seeds and panko crumbs. The last one I did was a wasabi mayo that I slathered on a nice piece of tuna then rolled in panko and browned in a pan on the stove to just get color/crust on the outside and keep the inside raw. The mayo melts away but really helps the coating stick.

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        Cool, thank you. I love mayo on fish. Some people freak out when you tell them, but after tasting it, it's amazing.