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Jul 20, 2008 06:46 PM

Getting sesame seeds to stick to your seared fish

How do you get them to stay on when you pan fry your fish? What kind of fat and heat would you use in a regular pan (NOT non-stick)? Would it be better to bake it?

My seeds are always sticking to the pan. :\

Thank you :)

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  1. i just stick the raw / marinated fish into a plate with the sesame seeds -- press down a little and flip. then i just fry the fish in a medium/high heat stainless pan. i use a smallish pan (maybe 8-9 inches). i use mix b/w spray oil and regular so the bottom is fully covered. i've never had a problem with the seeds sticking -- not to say they don't stick at all - but usually the majority of the seeds stay on the fish.

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      Thank you for replying :) What's B/W stand for?


    2. You can use a little olive oil but I've used an infused mayo that works great. I've done this with sesame seeds and panko crumbs. The last one I did was a wasabi mayo that I slathered on a nice piece of tuna then rolled in panko and browned in a pan on the stove to just get color/crust on the outside and keep the inside raw. The mayo melts away but really helps the coating stick.

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        Cool, thank you. I love mayo on fish. Some people freak out when you tell them, but after tasting it, it's amazing.