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Jul 20, 2008 06:21 PM

good DINER near bococa/bk heights/slope?

my girlfriend and i went to hope & anchor in red hook this morning for breakfast/brunch, and were greeted w/ a 30 minute wait time (THANK YOU IKEA). we were jonesing for dinerish food, but i couldn't think of any in the area.

what's a guy to do? do you chowhoundians have any good diner suggestions? (besides the one on smith/bergen. not a fan).


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  1. come on. there's gotta be ONE, right?

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    1. re: the_state

      Well, for this purpose I'd rate Teresa's on Montegue St as my top choice.

      1. re: Steve R

        I'll second that. I also like Clark Diner, which I think is now just called Clark's.

      2. re: the_state

        If you're up for it, the greasiest of greasy spoons is The Donut House on Court between Sackett and Degraw. Great place for hungover brunch.

        1. re: Puppimus

          I second the motion for Teresa's. There is also Tom's in Prospect Heights. Also, dare I say Dizzy's?

      3. Teresa's is the best choice in BH. Kind of cramped and 80s-mauve inside, but sitting outside in nice weather is fairly pleasant. They have all the diner "usual suspects," plus a nod to Polish/E. European comfort foods (meaning you can get kielbasa as your breakfast sausage). I like the orange-ricotta pancakes, myself.

        1. sounds perfect. if i'm not at the ball fields in red hook on saturday you can catch me at theresa's :)