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Jul 20, 2008 06:13 PM

Good Eats by PCC?

Well, I'll be attending PCC for college this coming semester and im just looking for some good eats close by to the area.. I've heard and read much about Luigi Ortegas, What are some must haves there?

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  1. The cheesesteak (Whiz wit, for me) and the hoagies (Italian). Be sure to add some sweet & hot peppers from the toppings bar.

    Also nearby, for a good sandwich, is Lee's Hoagie House.

    For breakfast fare, Andy's Coffee Shop.

    Tops @ Allen & Walnut is fast food (charbroiled burgers, burritos, fried zucchini, etc.) that is several steps above the fast food chains.

    There's OK Thai food at Pattaya, right across the street from PCC.

    All of the places I mentioned, except Lee's are easy walking or a quick ARTS shuttle from PCC. Lee's is just a bit farther east on Colorado, but really not all that far.

    1. Daisy Mint is nearby, as is Malbec argentinian restaurant which is tasty

      1. There's a Zankou chicken a couple of blocks west of Hill, on the south side of the street (past the McDonalds?) - and a bit further is Daisy Mint - and just a few blocks more (before Lake) is a great conglomeration of eateries at Colorado and Mentor - Europane, Tutti Frutti, Indochine, PresidenTwo, Fredo's Pizza, etc. and I think that north on Mentor is a Japanese place, but hopefully someone else can chime in with that info.

        Headed east on Colorado there's Big Mama's Pizza and Brit's - second the rec. for Lee's for hoagies (also good breakfast burritos).

        Directly across from PCC is Heidar Baba but I've not eaten there and so can't recommend.

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          Thanks for the recommendations Lee's Hoagie house is delicious their chicken hoagies are great with their pickles.