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Jul 20, 2008 06:02 PM

Good eats in Sooke?

I will be staying in Sooke for one night in August and I am looking for good local cuisine. Is the Sooke Harbour House worth the expense? Or are there other comparable places in the area? What about casual places for lunch?

Many thanks!

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  1. Yes the Sooke Harbour House is worth the price. We had an edible Flower salad from the gardens, Sea Scallops and Pork Tenderloin.

    The food and service was top notch and this was our finest dining experience until just last week when we dined at Gary Danko in San Francisco.

    1. Worth the expensive. The owner, Sinclair, is also an extremely knowledgeable man when it comes to BC cuisine and wine (actually, all wine in general). Amazing cellar. Do it!

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        It's an amazing restaurant, definitely worth the expense. Book it well in advance and try to get a table near the window.

      2. I agree that SSH is totally worth the price (which isn't that expensive compared to fine dining in other cities). And, unfortunately, there is nothing comparable in the area - and very few comparable places in North America that I can think of. My meals at SSH have been some of the best dining experiences I've ever had in my short but super-decadent life - plus, it's a really beautiful property to walk around, watch the sunset (if you ever have a chance to stay at SSH, do it. My partner and I go there to recharge on a semi-regular basis - it's so relaxing and romantic.)

        I'm not saying that there aren't very good restaurants in Victoria and its surrounding villages and towns, but SSH is a world-class restaurant that manages to stay BC in feel. If it's within your means, try to Gastro Tasting menu.

        1. Thanks for everyone's responses. Sounds like the Sooke Harbour House is exactly what I'm looking for.

          Are there any recommendations for casual places to grab a lunch or a snack in the Sooke area? 17 Mile Pub?

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            I've heard the restaurant, Point no Point, past Sooke, is very good. Actually, it was Sinclair from SSH who told me. I haven't been and don't know how casual, ect. it is. But, it might be worth looking up.

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              I'll second Point No Point. Relaxed, casual, unpretentious cuisine with binoculars on each table so you can spot the whales swimming by below. Great views of the mountains on Washington's Olympic Peninsula (if it's not socked-in and raining) Save a half hour for a stroll down to the beach.