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Jul 20, 2008 05:45 PM

Looking for restaurant recommendations in the South End

Hubby and I at at Hamerly's Bistro a couple of weeks ago and we loved it. Looking for another recommendation in the South End with great food but not too stuffy. We like steak, seafood, italian and french. Willing to spend up yo $30.00 per person per entree.

What do you think of Petit Robert Bistro, Gaslight, Franklin Cafe? Any other suggestions for not to be missed restaurants would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Franklin is always good. I like Petit Robert too but haven't been there in awhile, so not sure if others who've been recently could weigh in. I also love Union Bar & Lounge. The food is delicious and their cornbread...mmmm! Picco is good for pizza and ice cream. I know, nothing fancy, but if you're craving a good pizza, Picco has it. I've heard good things about Anchovies though I've never been.

    1. How about Stella for Italian? I went there recently and thought the food there was very good (loved the pizza), there was also a wide selection of cocktails and lots of outdoor seating.

      I have a short review on my blog with some photos. Hope it's helpful :)

      1. The Union Bar and Grille is my favorite So End place, followed by Rocca's and Pop's. I've never had a bad meal at Franklin, and appreciate it's late hours. I've have three bad experiences at the Gaslight, but should give it another shot. I've yet to try Sibling Rivaltry and it's gotten some mixed chow impressions. I've only been to Banc once, and enjoyed it, but was overwhelmed by the decor. It was brand new when I went there so maybe it's a tad less overwheming on the second visit. If you can snag a Restaurant Week reservation at Icarus, you'll enjoy one of the best meals in the city for $33.08.

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            I've done it almost every year for the past few years, not this year yet. Think of it as an above average Restaurant Week meal, in a nicer than average setting, with a chance to really not save any money by buying nice wine, and you get the idea.

        1. I personally stay away from the South End location of Petit Robert Bistro. I think the food is good but I have not once gone there where I did not have service issues. I've never had the same problems at their Kenmore location. Franklin has reliably good food at reasonable prices. The atmosphere is quite different from Hamersley's. Franklin is much smaller, darker and more of a local crowd.

          1. Toro!!!! Not to be missed-its a tappas bar/restaurant-you will absolutely love. Don't forget to have the corn on cob w white cheese!!!!!!