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Jul 20, 2008 05:09 PM

Monument Cafe

Is this an Austin Board topic - it is in Georgetown, but I have seen discussion. I also saw a post about their broccoli somewhere that wound me up, and I can't find it now. Anyhow, pretty good BLT - excellent tomatoes, although they sort of skimped on them, great peppered bacon, which they did NOT skimp on, nice herbed mayo and on Health Nut bread - a nice touch. Fries - hand cut, fresh looking, but 75% of the pile was limp and greasy. Sides were not great - no broccoli today - steamed asparagus was anemic and slimy, fried okra was barely warm and the okra was shriveled, steamed spinach was just that - like someone scooped a handful of baby spinach out of the bag and stuck it in the microwave. Limeade rocked. Probably would try again if it were closer, especially for breakfast, ...but given their whole "fresh and organic" thing I was a little disappointed.

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  1. I ate there ONCE. End of story.

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      for some reason I think their oatmeal is really good.

    2. Most consistently delicious item I've had from the Monument is their Chicken Fried Chicken. Always juicy, perfectly fried, and with good peppery cream gravy.

      Their Fried Chicken Salad w/ Applewood Smoked Bacon was delicious when I had it last week. Lots of fresh fixin's in the salad, plus their 'chicken fried chicken' version in a green salad form.

      Iffy: Broccoli - had it once and it was a perfect crisp-tender 'diner broccoli' - tasted poached in butter, salt & pepper. Tried it twice again and one was OK, and other time was not good. (over cooked)

      Bad: their French fries. Limp; not crispy. They need a heart-to-heart letter from someone who really understands French Fries about how they need to learn how to FRY their French fries. They are starting with the right ingredients (hand-cut potatoes), but their fryer person only knows how to make limp french fries.

      Great: Nicki's Fruit Salad
      (never thought I'd get excited about a fruit salad, but I was really bummed when they were out of it last week)

      Also yummy: Chocolate Pecan Pie (written about elsewhere here)

      Mid-August they are moving to a new bigger location, and there will be an organic grocery store component to it. No one who works there seems to have the street address for it. It will be "where the old Ford dealership used to be...." or something like that. I'm near Georgetown almost every weekend and have a tough time deciding on a different place other than the Monument, especially when I'm having a fried chicken craving.

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        The new location will be farther up Austin Ave, just N of the courthouse on the West side of the street.

        My 2 cents: several yrs ago Monument was consistently good and had great waitstaff with low turnover. All of that has changed, unfortunately, and we avoid it now. It's also overpriced.

        Good things: the peppered bacon, Dublin Dr. Pepper, the limeade and lemonade; pies are tasty but not amazing. They serve agave syrup with your pancakes if you ask, and they have great diner coffee. Their french fries can be great or awful.

        Here's hoping the new place is better, and they put a great restaurant into the current location.

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          Yep, our experience exactly. Guess they became spoiled by their success.

      2. The original comment has been removed