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Jul 20, 2008 04:59 PM

Wow, excellent Lobster Roll in Chelmsford, Ma. - Glenview Pub & Grill

Friends were talking about this huge wonderful Lobster Roll at the Glenview and I was just dieing to get in to try it. Finally did on a recent Sat. night. I couldn't believe how big this thing was and delish. It's more like a sub, all meat and claws, little mayo, lettuce on the bottom of the roll but it's the roll that was soooo fantastic and added so much to the lobster roll. I can't really describe it well as I'm not a bread person, little crusty on the outside, soft and warm and delish on the inside. $16 includes a huge side of fabulous onion rings (you might have had a choice of side). What a deal!! Had to eat only half and saved the other half for lunch another day.

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  1. My dh is always looking for the perfect lobster roll so we'll be going soon. They don't seem to have a website - any chance there is anything kind of healthy to eat there? Decent salad perhaps?

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      oooooh, I don't usually go to the Glenview looking for healthy, sorry. Their menu is huge though, like a book - they must have salads but I can't recall. There are sooo many items that jump out at me when I go - prime rib is fantastic, awesome hot pastrami sand., calamari is to die for, haddock always looks phenominal (but I haven't gotten it) - onion rings are excellent -but again, not so healthy. The place is packed aaaaaall the time - which is another indication that it's not high on healthy. I still think I could stay on Weight Watchers there (if I tried of course - I just haven't tried). :-)