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Jul 20, 2008 04:55 PM

Fantastic new place in Fort Greene

Just got back from the General Greene, which opened on deKalb in early July. Absolutely excellent. The menu is American comfort food tapas. We had crispy chicken with fennel, corn and arugula salad; pork meatballs in tomato sauce; and bean salad (green, yellow and pinto beans). Everything was superb. The chicken was perfectly crisp, with meat that fell off the bone; the minature meatballs swam in tangy, spicy, complex tomato sauce; and the bean salad was lightly seasoned but almost chocolaty in its richness. Lovely space, too, though crowded -- the tables are very close together, and by the time we left on an early Sunday evening it had gotten pretty loud. And although we expected the portions to be small, the $9 crispy chicken was just a drumstick. My other quibble is that the service is a little too intrusive -- someone refilled our water and wiped our table four times during our hour-long meal -- but I imagine that will sort itself out when the staff has more experience. Overall a big thumbs up.

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  1. I've had a dinner and a brunch at General Greene over the past two weeks. The food at dinner was delicious and interesting. To put together enough food to feed two hungry people, however, is not cheap. The acoustics -- like at nearby Bonita -- required us to shout to hear one another. Encouraged by dinner, I went with two friends yesterday for brunch and we were seriously disappointed. Our waiter seemed disoriented and unfamiliar with the menu. We waited a long time for any food to arrive, and when it finally came the portions were sad. It's one thing to serve tapas for dinner; if your brunch menu is also tapas, it should say so clearly. The burger was petite (and the waiter brought no condiments); the smoked trout tea sandwich was inhaled in three bites; and the Cobb salad was small and overloaded with blue cheese. When I asked for bread with the salad, the waiter said he'd "put an order in" and came back about twenty minutes later with several small pieces of slightly charred bread, for which I was charged fifty cents. Clearly both the waitstaff and the kitchen were overwhelmed. It wasn't an experience I'd repeat any time soon.

    I live around the corner and would love to see an interesting, reasonably-priced restaurant open up. I consider the best restaurants in the neighborhood to be Olea, A Bistro, and Ici. I might go back to General Greene for dinner but I don't recommend the brunch.

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      I think this place is world better than Olea, A Bistro or Ici. The desserts are really great, as are the burger and the meatballs.

      The food is not cheap but I think you get what you pay for, the meals I've had at A Bistro are mediocre home cooking at pretty high prices.

    2. $9 drumsticks? Might as well get ripped off for pork buns at Momofuku.

      1. FYI, a quick call to this place last week reveals that they do NOT take reservations for parties smaller than 6 (or maybe it's 8?).

        They also told me that getting a table for 2, on a Saturday at 7:30 pm, shouldn't be a problem -- despite the glowing review they got from MY Magazine just a few days earlier.

        Can anyone report on the wait times this past Saturday (or Thursday or Friday) after the review came out?


        1. Seriously disappointed in this place. Went there for dinner and, while the food was pretty good, it was annoyingly overpriced (and the beers were served in ridiculously small jelly glasses) When will this annoying small plates trend finally end? In most cases, it's a complete rip off. Went to General Greene for brunch with my girlfriend's parents last weekend, and it was a small disaster. It took forever for the server to even greet us (though the busboy was miraculously able to refill our water glasses every 1.5 minutes). We all ordered the baked egg dishes, but laughed collectively when we saw how small the portions were. To make up for the lack of food, we ended up going across the street for a slice at Mario's, which is one of the few bargains left in Fort Greene.