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Jul 20, 2008 04:36 PM

Anything new in PCB or Destin not to be missed?

We are heading to Panama City Beach in two weeks. Just wondering if there are any new, not to be missed restaurants we should be on the look out for? We know about Captain Anderson's, the restaurants at Pier Park, etc. But where do the locals eat?

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  1. The Destin outpost of Commander's Palace opened last week near the Emerald Grande condo complex.

    Criolla's in Grayton Beach has added a Tues-Sat lunch menu for the summer.

    Red Bar in Graton Beach is popular with both locals and tourists. Same with D&K's just across the road from there.

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      Thanks for the tips. I'll post after our trip with what we ended up eating.

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        We ate at Mike's Diner for breakfast twice (good, inexpensive, consistent food) My husband brought us doughnuts from Thomas's once. They were okay. I thought I was going to go into a diabetic coma after eating the cream filled chocolate covered one. They sell out of doughnuts early and aren't open on Wednesdays.

        My favorite meal of the trip was at Reggae J's in Pier Park. I had the Amberjack with crabmeat topping with a side of mashed plantains, sweet potatoe fries and conch fritters. The fish was cooked perfectly and those were the best mashed plantains I had ever ordered. My husband had the cuban sandwich which he said was over cooked.

        We went to Margaritaville for my birthday lunch and my husband had the best hamburger he has had in forever. They must grind their own meat because they were able to cook the burger med rare. It was phenominal. We also had the calamari appetizer which was scrumptious. I had a crab cake sandwich that was good but not amazing. The entertainment is fun. FYI, long lines at night and it is cold inside and loud.

        Buffalo Wild Wings was a dissapointment. We really enjoy the one in Chapel Hill but this one the wings were smaller than eggs. My salad was okay, but it tasted preserved almost. The waiter said they were slow and had been for a week. Maybe word is getting out.

        Five Guys Burgers & Fries in Pier Park was a very tasty inexpensive burger (not as good as Margaritaville - but two different price points). We didn't try the hot dogs. But we loved the fries and the burgers were juicy although cooked well done (lots of greese!)

        Dirty Dicks Crab House was an utter disappointment. I ordered the spicy steamed shrimp and they were rubber. We had the fried rib with grits appetizer and it was horrible. The ribs were smoothered in a sweet bbq sauce and the grits were definately over seasoned. My husband's dish (I can't remember what it was) was very mediocre. My daughter got the child's rib basket ($8.99) and she ate two bites and couldn't stomach any more. We sent my shrimp back and they were returned the same way - rubber. $80 wasted

        Our last night we ate at the Brazillian Steakhouse. It is like $24 per person and you get a 30 item side bar (salads, pastas, etc.) which they like you to fill up on before serving you over cooked meat. We begged for rare to med rare meat. It was all over cooked. I had heard about these restaurants before, but this one was not good. $85 wasted