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Jul 20, 2008 03:57 PM

Oasis herbs and spices in largo

Yesterday i was driving down belcher road, just north of Ulmerton and I saw a store in a stripmall called "Oasis Herbs and Spices"

Has anybody been there? experiences??

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  1. Unfortunately they went out of business a while back. too bad because they had a nice selection.

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    1. re: willdupre

      nothing else local aside from tampa I'm guessing? I haven't been able to find anything.

      1. re: JBethell

        In John's Pass of all places there is a spice shop and the owners could not have been nicer. I feel terrible I can't remember the name but I think it is Old Pass Spice Traders or something like that. They blended up some ZaTar on the spot for me when I didn't see it on the shelves. I was very pleased.

        1. re: juli5122

          I was at Old Pass Spice Traders on Sunday. They are at 110 129th Ave, Madeira Beach, FL 33708 (in John's Pass). Their phone # is 727-319-4000. Their website is
          They have very high quality teas and unique blends they have created. We tried a very nice chai blend that we brewed when we got home. There are also a good number of spices, an example is a variery of different kinds of paprikas.
          They also have various spice blends, like jerks, curries, and unique ideas for rubs for different kinds of meats.
          For the lover of spicy food, they have various ground hot peppers.
          I bought a unique blend called "Pirate's Bite" which has 6 types of chilies, and a few types of peppercorns, sea salt, and other spices. It comes in a grinder. I added some to a medium salsa and it spiced it up real nice.
          They had a couple of other blends that come in grinders.
          One was sea salt with various kinds of dehydrated citrus. It smelled so good. I could only imagine how good that would taste on a basic grilled fish. The person I spoke with at the shop stated he dehydrates his own citrus that goes into this blend.
          Another was a savory mix that would really add a lot to stews or soups. The prices are fairly high at first glance, but the quality is there. The blends that come with grinders are 2.5 oz and cost approx $12.00. The basic one ounce blends average approx $4.00/oz. Teas start at about this price an ounce.
          Definitely worth trying.
          Robert R.

          1. re: Robert R

            It looks like they also have a store in Tarpon Springs down in the Sponge Docks. I might have to check it out soon. Thanks.

          2. re: juli5122

            They have something called "Beer Powder"

            Sounds interesting...