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Jul 20, 2008 03:27 PM

Looking for a delicious restaurant for a celebration

I know this is a bit broad for you guys so let me narrow it down a bit. Ideally I'm looking for a French, Italian, or American type of restaurant that serves excellent food. My sister is coming home from Japan so it's a bit of a celebration. Price-wise, an expensive restaurant is fine, but not exactly Daniel-expensive (and obviously not Per Se). It'll be a group of 5, and the total bill would be no more than $350ish. Anywhere in Manhattan would work, and any suggestions would be much appreciated. I'm really just looking for excellent food. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Just for the type of restaurants I'm thinking about, I'm looking into Craft, Craftbar, Bar Boulud, and, if I can convince the parents to spend a bit more money, Gramercy Tavern, although the latter could be an issue.

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          Don't you think that is a little over OP's budget???????????

        2. Does the $350 include wine?

          It's not a GT, JG, etc. - what about a private room at Bacaro (same owners as Peasant)?