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Jul 20, 2008 03:26 PM

Montreal--for serious foodies/beerfans/travelers??

I'll be visiting Monday through Thursday morning

I've been to Montreal once before & have made the trek to Schwartz's...

we already have our reservation for our "night out" at Au Pied de Cochon (for my first foie gras!--I'm SO excited!)

as for cheap/good-buy eats, we're planning on checking out the following:
1. Le Pain De L'Inde (Indian on St. Laurent)
2. Jean-Talon Market (I read somewhere on this board about sausages near the entrance??!!! yummmm!)
3. Cafeteria (on St. Laurent) for breakfast
4. Bieres Et Compagnie (on St. Denis)--for my boyfriend, who is a beer fan

any other/better suggestions for serious beer/brewery fans, and/or for tasty-but-cheap/good-buy eats in Montreal?

also, besides strolling/exploring, any suggestions for non-touristy, thrifty things to do while in the city?


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  1. Bières et Compagnie really could be just about anywhere. Fine if you're looking for world beers, but for local microbrew stuff, head to (listed more or less in order of my personal preference; YMMV):
    - Dieu du Ciel
    - L'Amère à boire (for the Cernà Hora)
    - Le Cheval Blanc
    - Réservoir (OK beer, great food)
    - Benelux
    - Brutopia
    - Sergent Recruteur

    The borders of the Jean Talon Market are porous and there is no entrance to the market per se; there is a formal entrance to the new extension on the east side of the market on Henri Julien. Several purveyors of sausage in one form or another will be found in the extension and a few others elsewhere.

    For other ideas, look through recent threads. This being late in high tourist season, it's all been covered already.

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    1. re: carswell

      Hi there,

      Long time lurker, first time poster.
      Two beer bars that I would add to carswell's already extensive list:
      -Vices et Versa (for 29 taps dedicated only to Quebec microbrews including the amazing Hopfenstark)
      -Le Saint-Bock (for privately imported bottles that are otherwise unavailable in Quebec as far as I know)
      If I had to choose one place to bring an out-of-town beer fan though it would definitely be Dieu du Ciel.

      1. re: Harrisonb

        I third Dieu du Ciel, one of the best microbreweries in the Americas. Just brilliant technique, and it's a very low-key place with amazing beers.

        1. re: Harrisonb

          I would like to fourth Dieu du Ciel and second Vices & Versa. Both are great places that serve quality beer. Skip Brutopia, the beer is mediocre at best.

          1. re: Harrisonb

            I love love love Vices et Versa.

            If you go to L'Amère à boire, try the lamburger!

        2. As someone who is obsessed with Indian food, I can tell you that while Le Pain De L'Inde is an okay place, there are much better places to visit that are actually cheaper. In my experience, Le Pain De L'Inde has been going a bit downhill this last year, especially the nan, which is unforgivable for me.

          I would point you towards Indian Curry House or Bombay Mahal, both on Jean Talon street, a few blocks west of Parc (easy to find on google maps and accessible from Metro Parc). They are right across from each other and you really cannot go wrong. Try the mixed plates at either or the Dosa at Indian Curry House.

          Something that I do once in a while is combine JT market with a lunch at one of these palces. In my opinion, they are the best Indian in town and have the enthusiastic approval of several of my friends from India.

          Good Luck!

          1. Skip Cafeteria too, while you're at it. Mediocre food and service to match. There are many better places. Personal favourite is Olive & Gourmando in Old Montreal, but if you do a quick search, you'll find a very detailed thread on pastries in Montreal that has more info on many other places to try (Fous Desserts, although it's closed Mondays, Reservoir, etc.)

            I think the sausages you're referring to are from William J Walter, but as Carswell said, there are several other purveyors of sausages of varying types to be found at the market - follow your nose - if it smells good, chances are it's worth trying!

            1. If you're in the neighborhood of the Atwater Market (not as large or intriguing as Jean Talon, but interesting nonetheless), you might consider dropping by the Macauslan brewery relatively close by.
              Although I've never been, they have a terrace overlooking the Lachine Canal. They brew various St. Ambroise and Griffon brands.

              As for non-touristy, thrifty things to do, I always suggest walking St. Laurent from Sherbrooke St. to Pine Ave. on a nice day (or start snooping around Chinatown and make your way up to Sherbrooke and beyond). Plenty of ethnic shops, snacks, restos, bars, curios, charcuteries, etc to explore.

              Have a blast!

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              1. re: porker

                Unfortunately, the McAuslin terrace doesn't quite overlook the canal, as it's set back and slightly lower than canal level. You do get a good view of the bike path and its many users, though. Bikes and possibly skates can be rented in the Old Port, making a self-propelled outing to the terrace feasible. And since the bike path is illuminated and open until 10:30 p.m., you could even do it late in the day.

                1. re: carswell

                  The path may be opened and illuminated to 10:30, but is the McAuslin terrace opened that late?

                  And... although the beer may be good, avoid their food. Nothing too wonderful.

                  1. re: fedelst1

                    Meh. With all the other beer choices in town, McCauslan is sort of a 'white bread' option. It's really good white bread, but, not as much substance as many of the other options. Plus, it's not really anywhere near the rest of the suggestions. It's a nice, quiet location, and they seem to be constantly working to improve the terrasse, but... unless you feel like taking a nice scenic bike ride, there is not too much to see there. 3-4 McCauslan beers on tap (unless it's a holiday weekend... things run out more quickly!). I believe they are open till 11 pm, weekends.

                  1. re: pastoralia

                    Doesn't look like they have an English version of their site. Something specific you'd like to know?

                    1. re: kpzoo

                      Do they serve food? Where is it located (cross streets, metro stop)?Thanks.

                      1. re: pastoralia

                        go to the "contact" page and their map, address and phone number are there.

                        PS: Avoid "3 Brasseurs" -- Although you may think it's a microbrew restaurant, it's far from it.

                        1. re: pastoralia

                          > Do they serve food?

                          Yup, the menu's under "Boustifailles" (no idea what that means, though!) - sandwiches, pizza, cheese+terrine plates, and some other things.

                          > Where is it located (cross streets, metro stop)

                          Like krazykanuck said, click the Contact link for a map. It's at 6631 St-Laurent, cross-street St-Zotique. They don't list a metro stop, but it might be Beaubien? Maybe someone else can chime in on that. You can also call or email them, or use the interactive service at

                          1. re: kpzoo

                            Yes closest metro is Beaubien. If you're not up for the stroll, catch the 18 bus going *west* (civic numbers going DOWN) and get off at the end of the bus line.