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Jul 20, 2008 03:10 PM

Casual Al Fresco Dinner for 5 couples - Nassau

I am looking for a place to go with a few couples in Nassau (anywhere but 5 towns area) or Northwest Suffolk (no further than Huntington) that would meet the following criteria. Any suggestions?

Not to expensive (ie $$ or $$$ out of $$$$$)
Outdoor seating
Takes reservations
Italian or Mexican - freshly prepared (prefer red sauce Italian to high end but prefer my Mexican to be a little upscale - ironic that good authentic mexican like Besito is considered high end)
Won't rush the group too much

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  1. Not sure re It. or Mex. but you might consider the Pine Island Grill in Bayville.

    1. While it's not italian or mexican, it fits the rest of your criteria...Steamboat Landing, at the marina in Glen Cove. It's nice to sit out there this time of year.

      1. I checked the menu at Pine Island Grill and it seems to be a little pricey and American rather than my Mexican or Italian criteria so that won't work though looks like a good place for brunch which I will keep it in mind for. I have been to weddings there years ago and it is a great location.

        We did steamboat landing a few years ago for my birthday and the atmosphere is great but the food was so-so. I know they have since changed the chef and menu. I couldn't find a menu online. Have you been recently?

        I am still holding out hope that there may be an Italian or Mexican place that meets my criteria. Sisina in Port Washington would be the ideal venue except the food is so bland. Mi Ranchito in Port Washington also is a good venue for the crowd but again, the food is just okay. Anyone know if Novita in Garden City is any good and would fit my criteria?

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          I've only had some appetizers at the outside bar at Steamboat Landing. Shrimp cocktail, huge, fresh, great. Mussels & fries, good too...fried calamari, didn't care for it...lobsters looked good.

          I haven't been to Pine Island Grill in a while since the last few times we went the service was horrible, they jacked up the prices and reduced the size of the portions. Reviews I've read recently echo my experience...and sounds like they've even gotten worse.

          1. re: synergy

            Prime View in Port Washington has upstairs outside dining. Not sure they can set up for 10 tho. Livorno, also in Port, has a garden area out back. Food isn't bad. Sisina and Mi Ranchito are more reasonable in price. Poco Loco in Roslyn has outdoor dining - haven't been there in years. Is the Hideaway still open (near Steamboat Landing)?

            1. re: pwrube

              I haven't dined at Prime View on my own accord but did attend a party there and thought it was unremarkable but sometimes party food is that way. It does seem to be doing a better business than the other 7 or so tenants before it. Not quite red sauce Italian enough for what I have in mind for this dinner though.

              I haven't tried Livorno, will have to look into. Sounds like that could be a good fit.

              How is Poco Loco? I am sure it is no Besito but how would the food compare with Mi Ranchero or Amigos? Do they have fresh chips and salsa?

              Anyone know a place that fits my criteria in Huntington? That might be nice..... North Shore is definitely preferred.

              1. re: kellygirl

                Sure Prime in Huntington would fit your criteria, although it is a little bit more expensive ($$$-$$$$ instead of ($$-$$$).


                1. re: jonathankavner

                  Are you sure that is the restaurant you meant? When I checked the link it seems to be American/Steakhouse.

          2. re: kellygirl

            dodici has outdoor seating but i'm not sure about that size party.worth a call for's quite good and the menu has a nice range of items and prices.they also have a large wine's on park ave in rockville centre.i've been there many times and have never had a bad meal.aside from the regular menu,they also run daily specials.