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Jul 20, 2008 03:05 PM

ISO your best homemade cupcake recipe...

I am looking for the most decadent, dense, moist (almost creamy) cupcake recipes around... and of course buttercream or other favorite frosting recipes to go along with it.

My husband is the cookie monster and I am the cake monster...however, he can bake the best cookies, I have to buy my cupcakes! Help!

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  1. We are rather fond of Ina Garten's Coconut Cupcakes; coconut in the cake and topped with a cream cheese buttercream topped with more coconut. Delicious! Here's a link:

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      I did notie that when I browsed the board....thanks!

      How about chocolate? There is place here in Miami called Buttercream that makes the most decadent chocolate chocolate cupcakes. It's like a mix between a brownie and rich chocolate cake.... I love how moist it is and want to find something that is just as sinful...I am an amateur at baking...guidance is needed ;-)

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        Try the Hershey black magic cake in cupcakes. It's really easy that even my kids make it by themselves. It's very moist and dense. Bake and check, starting at about 17-20 minutes.

        If you want to spend a little more time but fairly easy, too, the Joy of Baking has a good chocolate cupcake recipe, too: (I use coffee for the water):

    2. Whenever I need to make a chocolate cake I always use the recipe for cake layers from the Inside-Out German Chocolate Cake recipe on It makes a very rich chocolate cake that I've baked successfully in 9-inch round, 9x13, and cupcake pans. Just watch you cooking time so the cake doesn't dry out. You could even use the coconut mixture to top them or do what I do and make a chocolate ganache, cool it, whip it, and frost with that.
      Look for my post in this thread to get my favorite chocolate ganche recipe:

      1. I dont have the recipe but you should find it easy on the web by searching. Thats what I always do when I make it. Guniness chocolate cake cupcakes with a Bailey's cream cheese frosting. When cooked with beer, the cake is very moist.

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          oh yeah.... mu DH will love this one!