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breakfast between tampa airport and ybor city

Will spend a night at the Tampa airport and then stopping at Ybor City before going to Longboat Key for my vacation in August. Anyone have any idea where a good place for breakfast maybe? It will be a Sat. morning,
Also anyone know a good store to stock up on things for my week. I like to cook on vacation and am used to Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and farmers markets.
Any advice will be appreciated.

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  1. There is a Wild Oats about 2 miles from the airport. Dale Mabry and 275.

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      The Wild Oats was bought out by Whole Foods but they haven't changed the sign out front. Same concept but the prices are higher and the some departments (meat/produce) aren't as good as Wild Oats. It's still better then Publix (you can touch the veges) and it's on the way from the airport.

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        I know it's Whole Foods but figured he'd do better finding it if I told him the name on the building.
        The best thing for me there is the cheese section. I have seen produce there that is mankier than Publix.

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            yummy lol. I think that's the first time I have gotten to use that word on Chowhound

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              Mankier - I love it! Never thought I'd see that here but congrats for getting it out there:-)

      2. I like Jimbo's BBQ on W. Kennedy for breakfast. Just regular breakfast items but well prepared and reasonable.


        1. for breakfast - First Watch downtown on Tampa St.

          1. I believe Silver Ring and La Tropicana in Ybor serve breakfast. There's also Arco Iris not far from the airport.

            La Tropicana Cafe
            1822 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605

            Silver Ring Cafe
            1430 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL

            Arco-Iris Restaurant
            3328 W Columbus Dr, Tampa, FL 33607

            1. If you feel like stopping in St. Pete for breakfast, Red Mesa has pretty taste-e food with a southwest flavor. This is the only place in St. Pete where I drink the coffee - Columbian - rich and flavorful. You can search this board for opinions. They open at 9:00 and it's an easy hop off the freeway on your way to Longboat. Their menu is posted on the website to give you an idea http://www.redmesarestaurant.com/welc....

              Another diner sort of place just off the freeway (5 mins) is Kissin Cuzzins' (951 34TH St N). Don't let the name scare you...they make a blackstone benedict to die for. My SO loves the hash brown casserole. Don't get the coffee unless you like it weak.

              Good luck.

              1. Cappie,
                The Ybor Market is held each Saturday morning. I've never been but I heard that it was mostly nic-naks and not food items. Still sounds fun: http://yborfreshmarket.ypguides.net/

                NYT.com did an interesting article a few months back on organizations that deliver organic produce to your door. I was suprised to see that a little farm in Sarasota delivers locally but they also have a farm stand. They are closed until August 15th so this may work for you. Here is their website - it may be worth checking http://jessicasorganicfarm.com/

                1. La Creperia for a Romeo y Julieta before going down and smoking one of the same name or Tropicana for cafe con leche and yummy pastries are my two bets in Ybor along Calle Septima (7th street.) If you have enough time, please sit outside and enjoy the daylight people watching - smoking a cigar and enjoying a glass of sangria or wander yourself - a wonderful Ybor pastime and a way to learn about a unique part of Florida history.
                  There are no Trader Joe's in our area and the farmer's market is very weak on anything edible, but Whole Paycheck does have a presence on N. Dale Mabry (there are two exits for Dale Mabry.)

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                    Have you read the signs on 7th Avenue "Setima" is how they spell it here in Tampa not Septima Avenida.
                    Setima must be hisponics for 7th

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                      I had forgotten about that! It's been a while since I've gotten to drive down that road, and even more time since I've read a street sign down there - I'm too busy trying to find parking and not run over jaywalkers.
                      Sorry about the dual posts, I came back an hour later and it didn't show the first post yet!

                  2. In Ybor, two good bets are La Creperie and La Tropicana. If you have enough time, enjoy a cigar and a glass of sangria or take a walk through the historic district - there is a lot to enjoy during the non-clubbing hours.
                    As for stores, don't go to the farmer's market expecting much at all. We don't have a Trader Joe's, but I will second Wild Oats/Whole Paycheck. Make sure you take the N. Dale Mabry exit, as there are two exits for this street.