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Best towns for walking AND food?

Looking for your picks for towns/cities in New England that have nice streets for walking, lots of interesting shops and of course great food options. Basically looking for a few daytrips before the summer is over! TIA

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  1. Perkins Cove, ME
    Provincetown, MA
    Rockport, MA

    1. Portsmouth NH
      Maybe not in the top five, but I'd consider Concord NH - nice little downtown, start with coffee break at Bread and Chocolate or one of the bagel places. Several places for lunch. Homemade ice cream at Granite State Candy on Warren St.

      1. Portland ME, and you have the ferries to all the islands to add variety to your walks. The food scene is fantastic.

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          I concur! Portland and Portsmouth.

        2. Newport, RI, Providence, RI,, Portland, ME.

          1. Northampton, MA
            Portland, ME

            1. Portland, ME
              Northhampton, MA
              New Haven, CT
              Burlington, VT

              1. Rockport, MA
                Bar Harbor, ME
                Portland, ME
                Burlington, VT

                1. My favorites for walking/dining are:

                  Rockport, MA
                  Gloucester, MA
                  Bar Harbor, ME
                  Ogunquit, ME
                  Stowe, VT
                  Stonington, CT
                  Bristol, RI
                  Jackson, NH

                  1. Bath Me and Brunwick Me, out of the way and lots of small shops, bath has lots of kenebec access

                    1. Mystic, CT
                      Stonington, CT
                      Nantucket, MA
                      Newport, RI

                      1. Chatham, MA.
                        Provincetown, MA.
                        Providence RI
                        and where's the love for BOSTON!?

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                          I agree- Boston is a must. It's so quiet in the summer and August especially so. Boston and Providence.....a day or two in each with some side trips....

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                            I will also recommend Ogunquit Maine, for a great place to walk and to eat. and stay over night as well. Earle Ct.

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                              Great Barringotn, Mass
                              Lenox, Mass
                              Northhampton, Mass

                          2. Newport, RI
                            Providence, RI
                            Boston, MA
                            Cambridge, MA
                            Edgartown, MA
                            Marblehead, MA
                            Rockport, MA
                            Ogunquit, ME

                            1. New Haven, CT
                              Guilford, CT
                              Northampton, MA
                              Edgartown, MA

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                                If you're heading into Rhode Island...


                                Keep in mind - Warren and Bristol are neigboring seaside towns between Providence and Newport. In the past decade or so, some incredible restaurants/coffee shops and retail boutiques have opened up in bothe Bristol and Warren. Can't beat these two towns on a summer day or summer evening!

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                                  I agree about Warren and Bristol. We go biking there quite often (the East Bay Bike Path is beautiful) and dine around there every now and then. I like Leo's in the center of Bristol for their sandwiches and pasta (and their outdoor dining) and I love Quito's, also in Bristol--perhaps one of my favorite seafood shacks in New England.

                              2. Ogunquit is perfect! Great little shops, beautiful scenery and terrific food. Portland is quaint and fun with the eclectic shops and the ferries to the Bay Islands.
                                We also enjoy Lenox and Great Barrington in MA, and don't forget Woodstock/Quechee in VT.
                                You can't go wrong with any of these.

                                1. Love the suggestions - we are leaning towards Rhode Island first since we haven't been in at least a decade. Thanks for the link outlining all the distinctly RI foods - very cool.

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                                    Have fun! If you do go to RI, consider taking a drive down Route 77 in Tiverton and Little Compton, as there are many farm stands and food places (including Gray's Ice Cream) along the way, and it is truly one of the great drives in Southern New England for unspoiled scenery.

                                  2. Newburyport is also a pleasant day trip. Perhaps not a New England "best," but not too bad!

                                      1. In the Berkshires :

                                        Great Barrington