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Jul 20, 2008 02:33 PM

Best towns for walking AND food?

Looking for your picks for towns/cities in New England that have nice streets for walking, lots of interesting shops and of course great food options. Basically looking for a few daytrips before the summer is over! TIA

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  1. Perkins Cove, ME
    Provincetown, MA
    Rockport, MA

    1. Portsmouth NH
      Maybe not in the top five, but I'd consider Concord NH - nice little downtown, start with coffee break at Bread and Chocolate or one of the bagel places. Several places for lunch. Homemade ice cream at Granite State Candy on Warren St.

      1. Portland ME, and you have the ferries to all the islands to add variety to your walks. The food scene is fantastic.

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          I concur! Portland and Portsmouth.

        2. Newport, RI, Providence, RI,, Portland, ME.

          1. Northampton, MA
            Portland, ME