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Jul 20, 2008 02:01 PM

Sun Penang for Dim Sum? Pittsburgh

I've heard that Sun Penang has dim sum but I can't find a web site for them. Has anyone tried it yet or does it even exist?

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    1. re: Mr Siegal

      Chicken feet in black bean and crispy pork intestines ON the public menu... I'm taking that as a sign that there's either a huge Asian customer base or that the region is finally ready for more interesting food. Will have to give this a try soon.

      1. re: Panini Guy

        That's it. Sun Penang has been bouncing around my "try-next" list for a while now, but this post just bounced it right to the top.

    2. wow I gotta try it too!

      1. I went recently. I wish I hadn't. While I'm not much for the authentic dishes, i.e. the chicken feet, I did explore a little. We had the Shu Mai, steamed dumplings, sesame rice roll, steamed pork buns, and an order of sweet and sour chicken as a lunch special (spring roll, salad). The chicken was ok. I didn't like the sauce and there was literally seven small pieces in the whole dish. My gf was ok with it though.

        As for the dim sum, I give them credit for having a selection to order from a menu but they could go a little further and provide some descriptions. I really liked the steamed pork buns. Nice doughy balls with flavorful, tender roasted pork inside. The rest though was not up to par for most average chinese places. My biggest complaint was the lack of dipping sauce. All we got was soy sauce and hot sauce. I asked for other things, and they don't have any. No sesame oil, vinegars, spicy mustards, etc. This was inexcusable in my opinion. Who wants steamed dumplings with no dipping sauce? regular soy doesn't cut it.

        I really wanted to like the place, its nice inside and we were seated and attended to very nicely. Maybe you all that like the more adventurous dishes will appreciate the menu but I will move on to the next dim sum place next time. Probably Rose Tea, right up the street.

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        1. re: Mr Siegal

          Sun Penang also has nice outdoor dining on Forbes Street. It is where the old Pi by Valozzi was.

          While I love Rose Tea, it is not a dim sum restaurant. Rose Tea is Taiwanese and I strongly reccomend the scallion pancake with egg, the pork with baby bamboo shoots and the kim chi hot pot with shrimp.

          The Bubble Teas are also a lot of fun but beware when they say milk, they mean cream.

          1. re: Mr Siegal

            I wonder if they'd be offended if we brought our own condiments? Seems kind of silly to offer as much as they do, but to draw the line at dipping sauces.

            Thanks for the review!

            1. re: Mr Siegal

              I agree with the review of Sun Penang's dim sum -- it was okay. The worst part was that there are no carts to choose from. The servers just bring a single plate by and ask if you want it. Since you don't know the alternatives, you end up saying yes to something you don't *really* want, then before you know it, you're full. Also, the dim sum was a bit mushy, like it had been hanging around in the kitchen too long.

            2. chicken feet and crispy intestines has definately sparked my interest in this place. im not sure if i feel ashamed to call myself a pittsburgher and not know where this place is. i got the part about forbs ave, but thats a long road. can someone please be more specific. thanks

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              1. re: SiksElement

                It's in Squirrel Hill, near the intersection of Murray Ave, basically across the street from the Squirrel Hill Cafe (aka The Cage).

              2. Anyone that's been to both Sun Penang and Golden Palace for dim sum? Was Golden Palace the better option?