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Jul 20, 2008 01:39 PM

quick dinner neart Court Street movies?

any suggestions? anywhere between Fort Greene and the theater would be great. many thanks in advance.

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  1. Theres Court Street 12 off Atlantic and the small theater further into Carroll Gardens.

    Which one?
    And how much time do you have?

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    1. re: Larry Brooks

      you could grab something at Waterfalls on Atlantic if you mean Court UA (which just happens to be one of my least favorite theaters.) if you mean Cobble Hill further down Court I would consider eating at the Paninoteca or Zaytoons. both are pretty speedy.

      1. re: Larry Brooks

        Court off Atlantic. about 30 minutes.

        1. re: mstrobvious

          You could go to Nickys sandwich on Atlantic.

          1. re: Ljubitca

            don't laugh at me, but there's also Popeye's on Court right near that theater. mmm... Popeye's

            1. re: eeee

              how far are you willing to walk (aka what does 'near' mean)? Montague Street is pretty near there but most of the restaurants on the block are disappointing. Unless you're thinking Chipotle, which can be pretty satisfying. Best to cross Atlantic and go into Cobble Hill. Choices abound there.

      2. This board raves about The Waterfront Alehouse, which is almost right around the corner (Atlantic between Henry and Clinton). We've never tried it, but instead always go to Downtown Bar and Grill (Court at Amity/Dean). In between lies Cody's, which looks to be an "old man" bar with lots and lots of sports TV. Some people go for that too, apparently.

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        1. re: jmj

          if you're going to walk all the way down Atlantic to Henry might as well go to Chip Shop. Cody's is good for burgers. It's near Lemongrass and Joya.

          1. re: sarapeater

            I disagree about Cody’s – the food and beer selection are both mediocre at best and is not worth a special trip IMHO. Downtown Bar & Grill 50 feet away is a little bit better and their beer selection is enormous (Now above 800 last count). However their service can be slow at times.

            1. re: MShapiro

              The beer selection at Downtown is what scares me the most about them....

              They're never really busy, which makes me think that most of those "exotic" beers have been sitting in the fridge for years. Bleh.

              1. re: EJC

                Surprisingly, once they put out the tables and chairs they get a decent crowd on a nice summer evening. The problem here is I think their staff is a bit overwhelmed – nothing new in this neighborhood. I once ordered one of their less popular ‘exotic’ beers and I thought my waitress went to Stuttgart to make it.

              2. re: MShapiro

                is Downtown the new Cousins? Neon highlighter signs in front? If so, food's about the same as Cody's. Cobble Hill isn't exactly a burger/bar food destination. And, anyway, neither are really near the big movie theatre. 5 Guys is closer. I don't love their burger style but their fries are good.

          2. Not sure if you mean the Cobble Hill movie theater on Court.., but Fragole on Court and President is an excellent little Italian place with fantastic food and friendly atmosphere.

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            1. re: scanmike

              Fragole would be anything but fast food and really not near.