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Jul 20, 2008 01:23 PM

2 hopewell, so glastonbury ct

went last night for the first time. it was wonderful. from the service [and waiter recommendations] to the decor to the meal.

we had calamari as an app -- sauteed with peppers in a balsamic reduction. absolutely amazing. spinach salads could have used a tad more dressing but, hey, who needs the extra calories.

two of the people with us had the veal chop parmigiana. i thought that was just ok -- nothing too spectacular, but my short rib was greart -- falling off he bone as it should be with great flavor. it was served with a ricotta gnocchi and chorizo, a surprise addition to the dish that worked nicely. the other diner had the salmon special and she was in heaven.

next time i'll try the pistachio crusted halibut. i went with the short rib on the waiter's recoomendation and i am so glad i did.

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  1. Glad to hear 2 Hopewell is still good. A coworker went last week and said it was excellent. We have a gift certificate for there so we should be going one of these days. With the summer though we are always busy. Look forward to going. Jay