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Fresh Bacon Slab Recipes?

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I received a whole slab of fresh bacon from the Stillman meat CSA. Does anyone have a good receipe for this? Never cooked a slab of bacon before. Is this the same thing as pork belly?

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  1. We got only pork this month.... including the fresh bacon slab. Can't wait to see what ideas get generated.

    1. Hi,

      I got here by Googling "recipes for fresh bacon"--I too got some yesterday via Stillman's meat CSA (I want to support this CSA, and many of their meats are just wonderful, but they give us too much ham and pork for my taste).

      Back to the fresh bacon! So here's what I did: I cut off the rind and about one half inch of the fat attached to it, then cut the remaining piece into about half to three quarter inch slices (it was easier to cut from the short end than the long one). I heated a cast iron pan and sprinkled salt in it. Then when the pan was hot I added the bacon slices, liberally sprinkled with pepper. Then I just cooked and cooked it, in it copiously rendering fat, until it was pretty crisp. I then drained the slices and sprinkled fresh lime juice on them. It came out sort of like chicharrones; quite tasty, if you could put out of your mind how much pure fat you were still eating. My adult children were here for dinner and they raved about it, though my daughter thought it might be improved by a light grilling to crisp it up even more.

      1. P.S. Yes, I think it is the same as pork belly.

        1. Just saw David Chang make this on Bittmans' The Best Recipes of the World on create, and it looks great. I plan to try this with my slab of fresh bacon. Post back if you do too.


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            Made this today/tonight for dinner minus the oysters [darn allergies.] Thepiece of bacon included in my CSA box was only 1.5 lbs. Divided in half, each piece was very small compared to the recipe. The oven cooked bacon ended up a little overcooked, while the stove top slices had no meat to speak of.

            Loved the flavors, to be honest, but couldn't bring myself to eat that much. I think this recipe could easily be made with any other meat product. It is the dum sang and the kimchee that make all the difference.

            Glad I tried it. It was a fun experience to try something like this but I don't think I could eat this often.

            [Wish I had seen the pork bun recipe before doing the rub last night.]

          2. You can make it into bacon by curing it with salt, sugar and spices and then smoking
            it. If you would like to pursue this let me know and I will explain how to do it.

            1. The best thing I made with that smoked hog jowl I had used the melted fat- you might try if you have some rendered fat you want to use- it's so simple but I've never tasted it before and we loved it- it was a polish recipe- sauteed shredded cabbage in the grease, add cooked egg noodles- that's it. I spiced it up with salt, pepper, chicken stock base, butter. It was like nothing I make normally and we really loved it.
              I have made bacon and cabbage before (in my former Atkins phase) but with the egg noodles it was so much more serotonin-surgingly wonderful.

              **edit- oops I forgot the orig recipe had onions, but I didn't use them because I had a headache and didn't feel like crying

              1. Vietnamese Clay Pot Pork works well with fresh pork belly.

                1. I just wanted to lay claim to the entire pork bag from Stillman's...I packed the bags, which I never do. You may know that Kate went in to have her baby the next day - exciting! At any rate, don't count on the pork fest again (you may be happy about that?) now that kate has had her beautiful boy (my grandson), but do always keep the fat. It is fabulous as your shortening in biscuits, pastry, sauteing the kale in your csa share, etc. I keep a jar in the fridge all the time. Oh, and lets not forget that potatoes are five hundred times better roasted in pork fat (goose if you can get it). Best to you all!

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                    Thank you for posting.... you were so nice at pickup [though was the get the hay in before rain story true?]... My Bo Ssam experience was a fun adventure into a new culinary world. I have learned to make kimchee, pork belly two ways. Fun.

                    But I look forward to more lamb next month!

                  2. Hi, there,

                    Hope this is still relevant--I got my fresh bacon (=pork belly) in August and am just cooking it tonight, trying this braise recipe from Tom Colicchio (which I think is actually from another part of this website), which looks easy enough and good: http://www.chow.com/recipes/10762

                    We're very fashion forward, since pork belly has been all the rage in trendy restaurtants!

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                      Confit. Rub it in kosher salt (and anything else you want) for two days. Rinse it off and submerge it in melted fat (pork, duck, goose) in an oven-safe pot. Bring the pot to a low simmer and place in the oven at about 190- 200 degrees for about eight hours uncovered. Remove, put in a jar, cover with fat, refrigerate for at least a week (it will keep for months). It will kill you, but man there is nothing so delicious.

                    2. I have some I need to use too. I'm planning to use Garry Rhodes' method, which is roughly to set oven to 350, rub salt on skin and let rest a bit to draw out some moisture so it'll crisp, put cut-up onions on bottom of pan, lay the slab skin-side up on the onions, put some water in bottom of pan, and let it cook for 2-3 hours. Add more water to bottom if necessary.

                      1. slice into slices about 3/4 of an inch. Be carful with your filet knife, it is very sharp. After slicing, put the slices two or three at a time in a hot frying pan. no grease is required as the Bacon will grease itself. sprinkle some brown sugar on the top of the bacon before you flip it. in the pool of grease, add some hot sauce (I recommend Tobasco.) continue frying and adding sauce and brown sugar on every new piece of bacon.