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Jul 20, 2008 12:45 PM

Sushi in Forest Hills/Rego Park


Anyone try Sushi 33?

I've tried both Tomo & Mado and have experienced gastroenteritis...anyone else? is always hit or miss...their rice is awful...
I love Sushi Yasu but he doesn't deliver & I always have to wait sooo long!

If anyone know good sushi places that deliver, please let me know.

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    1. Sushi 33 is very good, and delivery is always quick and reliable. My parents order from there frequently. When we're visiting we always plan at least one meal from there. BTW, their shumai is the BEST I've ever had---incredibly light and flavorful. The shrimp terriyaki is also very good, but only if you're eating at their (tiny) restaurant---it doesn't travel well.

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        I only tried sushi 33 once, and never again. The rice was actually watery! I'm glad the guy washes his hands...but it would help if he dried them.....Oh, do I miss Mickey's!

        1. re: EricMM

          Oh I totally miss Mickey's!
          It was only a block away from me...
          I need a new place to order from. So frustrating!

      2. Since I moved to Forest Hills about eight months ago, I've been disappointed by the lack of good sushi in the neighborhood. Sushi Yasu has good, fresh fish, but the chef doesn't always take his time with the preparation. I've read good things about Sushi Ran, but it's been closed since I moved to the neighborhood. A couple of weeks ago I walked passed their old space on Metro and saw a new restaurant, Katsuno, had opened in Ran's former digs. I promised myself I'd go back soon. I just returned from dinner there and can report it was excellent.

        I had the assorted sushi plate which included nice pieces like fluke and scallop that you usually have to order a la carte. The fish was expertly prepared - the pieces were cut just right and the nigiri included nice touches like fresh ground wasabi or ginger where appropriate. The umeshiso roll we ordered was made with fresh umeboshi, not something out of a tube.

        My wife ordered one of the udon dishes and it too was quite good. The menu had a nice assortment of cold and hot udon and soba dishes. It also has other dishes that you don't generally see in Queens like appetizers made of pumpkin and octopus. We shared a cold tofu and yuma appetizer that we both really enjoyed.

        The restaurant was clean and nicely refurbished, and the staff was friendly and eager to please. I know I'll be back soon and I encourage anyone on this board who has been looking for good sushi in the neighborhood to give them a shot. They're definitely serving the best sushi in the Forest Hills/Rego Park/Kew Gardens area, and they have some tasty and unique dishes on the menu that you won't find at the other neighborhood Japanese joints.

        103-01 Metropolitan Ave, Queens, NY 11375

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          this place is incredible. I've been to Japan, and I have to say its the best Japanese food I've had since my trip. They used to have a place in Manhattan called SEO, which was very highly regarded. I live right near it, and I hope the locals have sophisticated enough palates to support something this good.
          Check it out on Serious eats

        2. I am the recession guy has a tight pocket and we are say the expensive rest at forest hills like MoCa , Katsuno is good but for me why we have to pay extra money for entertainment in this economic turmoil situations? why don't we try some others sushi restaurant who offer more cheap and good sushi too.. like Megumi, Sushi 33, Chikurin, Mado...I think the cheapest one is Megumi's because they have special offer for $7.50 for three rolls...!!and they have many selection also ... I like their selections rolls like winter rolls( combination of alaskan and California , also the philladelphia rolls is excelent good from nice taste smoke salmon,the only thing is unbelieveable is their Spider rolls is only FIVE bucks!!! Try it and tell me about it even cheap sushi is not always Bad ?? why not ???

          1. There is a new place called sushitime that opened up where sushi oh used to be. I thought it was decent for take out. THe prices are a bit steep, but the portions are large. I did not like the austin roll- they mash up their spicy tuna rather than had it in pieces, and I just don't like that mashed mayo-ish type of tuna. Plus it came with something missing- but I forget what was missing. the spicy shrimp tempura was good, and the veggie roll was standard. If you need a take out place and live in FH, it will satisfy your craving, and it's definitely better than, but I wouldn't say it's amazing.

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            1. re: liqdstar

              I moved here from the west coast a few months ago, and I've really been missing the sushi -- Yasu is tasty and fresh, but too far from where I live (and a bit pricey), the now-closed Sushi Oh's fish was tasteless and overpriced (and served by aggressively rude people). Everyplace else I've tried in the immediate area has been pretty awful (Chikurin, in particular, caused stomach trouble both times I went), and I'd given up and started making my own nigiri at home.

              BUT, hurrah for new things. Sushi Time is my salvation. I'm not big on complicated rolls and anything with a lot of sauces -- I'm in it for the nigiri and sashimi -- so it's all about super-fresh fish and skillful prep. The fish at Sushi Time is as fresh as Yasu's and much better than the fish I've had elsewhere in the neighborhood: sweet tuna, buttery salmon, and light, tasty unagi. For the quality, I think the price is excellent -- cheaper than Sushi Oh, if I recall correctly -- and I used to live a few blocks from five different sushi places, so I'm reasonably familiar with the possible range for midpriced American sushi.

              Finally, I totally love the people who run the place. They're friendly and attentive without being artificial, and the woman actually ran down the street after me and found me in C-Town (what? they have good prices on cat food) to give me something I'd left behind. I'll be back once a week at least, and I really hope they catch on despite the recession, because I'd be heartbroken if they left.

              1. re: redplum

                I agree with you. Sushi Oh was good at one time. But, it was on a strong decline, but sometimes you could get a decent meal depending on who was behind the sushi counter. Anyway, Sushi Time took over and improved everything. Super fresh fish and the rolls are crafted very well. I mean it's sushi and the details are very important. You want fresh rice with your fresh fish, not too much to ask for. The special rolls are huge and priced cheap. And everyone was super nice.

                I got delivery tonight for the first time. It was the final test and they passed. Vegetable gyozas appeared to be handmade (not positive) but didn't look like that generic dumpling you get in the freezer section along with a crunchy spicy roll and a tamago sushi. All very good. I hope they keep up the good work.