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Jul 20, 2008 11:53 AM


Djeet in Middletown, prepared foods and whatnot. I have driven by probably a thousand times and have not yet tried it. Any reviews?

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  1. Only went once as it's kind of out of the way for me. They have a seasonal menu. I was there in the spring and had a coconut chicken wrap, a salad with an asian dressing, and a chocolate chip cookie. The guys who own djeet seem pretty enthusiastic. The chocolate chip cookie was pretty darn good and I liked the salad. I was so so on the wrap. I'll give them another try next time I'm in the area.

    I do remember someone on the best burger thread raving about a burger they had there.


      I posted the above review Chris.I also posted in a 'Best Burger' thread here.(The burger was truly outstanding IMO ) Unfortunately due to my work hours (conflicting with open times ) and schedule i've not been able to frequent it as often as I would like.This place is a real jewel and i'm afraid that if more people don't frequent it, it could fall by the wayside.I say this because i've mentioned it on here and there has been barely any response and also to some local friends who made the exact same drive bye comments as you.The food is prepared by an ex Fromagerie / Mumfords chef I believe and is head and shoulders above the norm for quality food in this area.It's like a Savoury version of Flakey Tart if you get the analogy !Try it,and defeat the food philistines who would rather support the usual crap we have offered in the delis etc.

      1. My son & I go each time we have a haircut appt (nearby). The burgers remain our favorite. Last time I was there the place was very busy so we are hoping that word of mouth will result in Djeet? being around for a good long time!

        1. The wife and I went there this past Saturday 7/19 for breakfast. Fritatas were excellent and at $6.95 a great value and made with fresh veggies. Excellent coffee and very lovely ambiance but very little seating as there are only a couple of tables inside. The are not trying to be an eat in restaurant at all. Their bag is catering and take away. No dinner just breakfast and lunch. But do go there and try their food - it really is outstanding!

          They even have a garden in the back and grow their own fresh organic veggies...

          1. I am a huge Mumford's fan, as was so exicited about the opening of Djeet! I was very impressed with the turkey burger I had there. Everything is so fresh and the atmosphere was welcoming.

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              They have re-located to Shrewsbury in the same mall a Williams Sonoma etc. (I forget the name?) I intend to try them for dinner once they've settled in and hit thier stride,which won't be long knowing them.

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                The have relocated to the Grove in Shrewsbury. Here is the thread on the topic: