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Jul 20, 2008 11:29 AM

Smoothies and Bubble Tea in Providence?

Hi everyone,

For me, summer refreshments are about two things and two things only... Smoothies and bubble tea.

For smoothies, it has to be fresh (or frozen fresh) ingredients. No smoothies poured out of a supermarket carton container blended with ice... I haven't found any locally I'm thrilled with. Three Sisters does a decent job, but there's always too much ice. The Coffee Edge has the same problem with their (otherwise sublime) green tea smoothie. Where is everyone's favorite local Providence fresh smoothies?

Also, bubble tea. Tealuxe's is barely acceptable. I haven't tried MuMu's tea house's 25 flavors yet. Any local bubble tea recs?

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  1. I've seen bubble tea on the menu at HON's (in Cranston) and I think at a Thai place on Wickenden, but I haven't tried either of them yet, as I'm new to the area. I did, however, try a bubble tea at Empire Tea in Newport, and I was sorely disappointed; the bubbles were mushy and slimy instead of firm and smooth. I'd love to find the perfect bubble tea anywhere in the, the quest continues...

    1. I have found bubble teas at both tealuxe on Thayer street as well as at a Chinese restaurant called Hot Wok on Hope street. I wouldn't say either is excellent. However, they do for being in a small city and away from the absolutely most fantastic bubble teas in the world at Tea Zone in Portland, Oregon (if ever there, a must-deelish!).

      1. sushi express has by far the best bubble tea in providence! several flavors, fresh bubbles that are soft and chewy (without the hard center like Tealuxe and other places) - just delicious!

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          Just had someone mention them to me yesterday... I'll have to try it. Still need to try one of the Forbidden Tea House's 25 flavors...

          1. re: pianogal1018

            Also, I had sushi from Sushi Express for the first time recently. I'd always ignored them, but I was pleasantly surprised. The sushi was very, very good. Their inari maki was also very interesting, a great combo for a roll...

            1. re: Garris

              Glad to see some nice words for Sushi Express on Thayer St. I worked part-time on the East Side about 4 years ago and often did takeout from there. The Brown student newsblog really trashed the place, which I thought was unfair. Their prices were very reasonable for good quality sushi. I first learned of bubble tea there, although I never tried it.

              1. re: Joltingjoey

                I'm not sure why the Brown students would trash it... It's become my favorite sushi in the city and it's fantastically priced.

                It's also my favorite bubble tea/smoothie (I need to try the new Bubble Tea House, though).

                - Garris
                Greater City Providence Urbanism Blog

          2. A bubble tea place is opening on Westminster, right across the street from Classic Cafe. They look a long way from opening, but who knows?

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            1. re: digga

              The Bubble Tea House Finally opened!!! Its great there! They have well over 100 different kind of drinks too. As I came through the door, I was greeted with a strange looking gingerbread man holding a cup. I'm guessing its a seasonal mascot. Two young asian brothers (which I surprisingly discovered were the owners) explained to me the basics to bubble tea and the many different forms it can come in. I ordered the coconut with their "Chewy Balls" and all i have to say is that this place is the best in RI!The best in NEW ENGLAND in fact! I've tried in many places like Hons on Reservior Ave, Min Hai on Park Ave, Pho Paradise on Broad St, and Tealux on Thayer but Bubble Tea House just totally destroyed the others. The Quality is there, the Chewy balls (Tapioca) are actually Chewy and not hard in the center like the other places. They had gourmet cakes "without the gourmet price" which one of the Brothers said which was funny. It was a nice experience and I definitely felt welcomed. They also have different jellies too, which I ordered - assorted for my second drink (Boba Milk Tea - I was told this was the original Bubble Tea that started all of this) to go. They had free wi-fi which was great so I can bring my laptop and do Business on the internet. They even had karaoke nights which i thought was pretty cool. It seems the kids was really enjoying themselves on the mic. Overall, i had a wonderful experience at the Bubble Tea House on Westminister St. I believe its on 849 Westminister across from the classic cafe. I will definitely return for some more chewballs!

              1. re: digga

                Yes, I definitely agree with you!!! I just ordered a Taro Snow bubble tea there and it's the best bubble tea I've had in a long time. I'm going to be a regular there since I'm close to the location. Hopefully this place will be around for awhile. Love it!!!

                1. re: Royalorient

                  I also tried The bubble tea house and thought it was great! I got the passion fruit, the young man said excellent choice, yay me!

                  Next I want to try coconut, then taro!!! Or double fist it and get both!!!!