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Jul 20, 2008 10:56 AM

What will replace Alexander's in Brookline?

I was saddened to see today that Alexander's (corner of Cypress and Franklin streets) closed yesterday. The pizza was good, the family-run atmosphere was nice and most importantly it kept the kids playing baseball at the field across the street fed! Does anyone know what, if anything, will be moving into that space?

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  1. It is going to be DeNo's Pizza. They currently have a place at 2040 Centre St, West Roxbury. Their website is:

    I have found nothing on this site about them. Any feedback?

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    1. re: BrooklineNeil

      I lived on Cypress St. for 20 years and could never get used to the new "Alexander's" . DeNo's is pretty good pizza, the menu in West Roxbury is pretty expansive with a little bit of everything.

    2. It is going to be a new outpost for DeNo's Pizza currently located at 2040 Centre St in West Roxbury. Their wesite is:

      Anyone have any feedback about them?

      (Sorry for the double post!!)

      1. Wow, that is sad to hear. I lived on Cypress for two years and my roomates and I relied on Alexander's for sandwiches all the time. Perhaps it was more the convenience factor than anything else, but it is sad to see a familiar local shop close. Hopefully the change will be a positive one.

        1. DeNo's would be a significant improvement. Their pizza is consistently good, burn-the-roof-of-your -mouth, drip-down-your-arm, fold-in-half, thin-crust Italian (i.e, Boston Italian, not Italian Italian - think Pino's, etc.) They also do excellent subs, including a spicy italian that is great.

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            Thanks for solving the mystery! I'm glad that another pizza shop is going into the site.

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              I second the spicy italian!!! they also have a great chicken cutlet sub.