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Favorite corn dishes around town?

Hey all, I'm getting geared up for sweet corn season and was wondering: what restaurants have the best dishes with corn in them? Corn soups, puddings, pizzas, sides: you name it, I wanna know about it! Thanks in advance.

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  1. Ken Oringer's corn at La Verdad and Toro are great summer treats (although it's available year round I believe). It's easy to make at home too!

    1. The cornbread at Union Bar & Grille is so, so delicious! I could easily eat the entire pan of it.

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        had both of those and agree wholehardly, union used to have a corn and chorizo risotto that i loved. not sure if it still is on the menu

        ...keep 'em coming! thanks

      2. Redbones has a corn pudding app, which I had once and I doubt my arteries have forgiven me for :) it was good though

        1. The roasted corn on cob at TORO with butter and white cheese-hurry before summer is gone!!!!!!

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            The corn at Toro is absolutely addictive. Best dish I had in Boston so far.

          2. Not fresh corn, but the jonnycakes at Deluxe Town Diner are pretty fine.

            One dish I'm really fond of is "creamed" corn, where the cream is actually just corn milk (the juice of fresh kernels). Most recently I've seen it as a side dish at Vlora, one of several outstanding vegetable sides there.

            An old Lydia Shire trope is to serve a pot of corn milk alongside a dish that features fresh corn, but I haven't seen it at one of her places in a long time.

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              Corn pudding at the Coach Grill in Wayland.

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                I'm with you 100% on that ! Liked it so much I had to learn how to re-engineer it to make at home especially for the holidays.

            2. I mentioned the corn/zucchini/pesto/moz pizza at Rocca's which was great. i also had a good corn and bacon pizza at Za in Arlington.

              1. The special soup at Highland Kitchen this past weekend was a chilled corn chowder. My mother had it and had to be coaxed into giving up a taste, it was delicious.

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                  The corn raviolini at Prezza are fantastic.

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                    ooh i love corn ravioli. franklin cafe used to do the most amazing corn ravioli then they mucked it all up with chicken and sage.

                2. Sonsie on Newbury has a whole corn-themed section of their menu right now... or at least they did a week ago.

                  1. The Atlantic Fish Co has a really good corn pudding.