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Jul 20, 2008 10:33 AM

Berkshires between Otis and Stockbridge?

We're going in a few weeks, and have afternoon tix in Stockbridge, and evening tix at Jacob's Pillow. We're staying in Otis. Any suggestions for good places? We'll have lunch and dinner out! Thanks!

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  1. Awesome pancakes and homemade split grilled sausage at the "Roadside" in Monterey on Route 23. They make their own bread there, too. Real maple syrup, don't order the extra unless you are a serious sugar fiend, they give you quite a lot.
    The place is certainly "roadside" in character. It's part of a foundation that runs a farm up the road.
    The Thai place in Great Barrington is pretty good, too. The Williamstown Inn has good food, pricey, though.
    Best food I've ever eaten in Massachusetts was a place called "La Tomat" in Great Barrington; heard it's closed now, though.

    1. you can try the old inn at southfield store,great food

      1. Are you planning to go back to Otis in between, or go right on to Jacob's Pillow? We stay in Otis once a year, and we are always driving somewhere. Do a search of this board for Lenox and Pittsfield. If I am not mistake, Jacob's Pillow is north of Pittsfield, so you can pass through either of those, and find lots of places. I was there 2 weekends ago for something else. Didn't have the time or energy to take the chowhounds advice, and went to one very so-so place that worked for us, and one that was terrible, Dakota, but wanted to take a 2 year old, so that worked. I haven't been to Dakota in a while, but what they wanted to do was keep their prices down it seems, so their food has really suffered.

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          Actually Lee is more or less due west of Becket, and a little north of Otis. You're in good position to go to Chez Nous in Lee for dinner (reservations essential!) It's a grownup place with interesting food and a warm ambiance (but be prepared, anything in the B'shires is v. crowded on weekends!). Go early, is the watchword. Use the Search box here to check it out; it would definitely be my recommendation, based on your location and destinations.

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            We're not necessarily going back to Otis, depends on time constraints.

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              Definitely try Chez Nous - one of the best restaurants around. Rachel and Franck, the owners, are great and they serve fabulous food. Other winners: Rouge in West Stockbridge - Tapas, etc.

              Also have to 2nd the recommendation for Roadside - we're having friends up this weekend, and of course we're taking them there. You're in for a treat if Nevada is behind the grill.

          2. Once upon a table is so great for a lunch stop in Stockbridge (make a right down the alley at Yankee Candle). It is a little small inside, but the food is great and service with a smile.