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Jul 20, 2008 10:21 AM

Outdoor dining in Plymouth/Livonia, Mi

Need some quick recomendations on outdoor dining in Plymouth,Livonia or even Canton/Novi Michigan. Monday night meeting with friends. Doesnt have to be the "best", just someplace relaxing to hang out. Thoughts?

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  1. Is Ernesto's Italian still there between Plymouth and Northville? Been a few years since I ate there, but I remember it as a great outdoor setting on a big old balcony.

    1. Check out Compari's and Fiamma grill in Plymouth. They are right downtown on Main Street. Both offer outside dining and they are right next to each other, connected, same owners. Compari's is Italian while Fiamma is more upscale chophouse.

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        Thank you for the thoughts. Ended up meeting at 336 Main for a couple drinks then went to Compari's. Weather had cleared up and had a good evening outside. Food and service were ok, made better by the company and atmosphere. Thanks DTurner.

        1. re: downriver1

          Glad it worked out. Compari's certainly isn't the best but it serves it's purpose from time to time. The food at Fiamma's next door is much better, and a lot more pricey.