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Jul 20, 2008 09:14 AM

Looking for the tourist traps...

I am coming to Boston for a couple of days and am looking for the stereotypical tourist places. I know it sounds weird but since i am only there a short time, I want to have the tourist version of Boston. For example, if people came to my hometown of Philly, I'd tell them to get a cheesesteak at Pat's or Geno's (despite them being far from the best cheesesteak), hit the Reading Terminal Market, get a Philly soft pretzel, etc....

I'm guessing clam chowder is a must but what other Boston specialties are out there and where should I get them?

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  1. Try The Barking Crab on the waterfront and Mike's Pastry in the N. End.
    You'll be in tourist trap heaven!

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      Barking Crab is the best touristy place I've found. The food is pretty good (I honestly haven't found a seafood restaurant that I'd say is much better) and it has a busy atmosphere and you can sit outside (though the water view maybe isn't as nice as it sounds: you are right against the water, but it's just some channel...)

      My alternative seafood choice would be Legal Sea Foods. Its clam chowder has supposedly been served at many presidential inaugurations.

      I also have the impression a lot of the people at Bartley's Burgers in Harvard Sq are tourists.

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        I went to the Barking Crab when I was there this part April. While it may be a trourist trap - it was way overpriced, and small portions. You will be better off at Legals or try No Names.

        You should also hit the northend for dessert - there are a couple of cool well know places along the freedom trail

    2. I would recommend Durgin Park in Faneuil Hall. The restaurant has been around forever - and so have many of the famously cranky waitresses. While far from gourmet, I seem to recall that the food isn't bad either. Lots of New England seafood (lobsters, steamers etc.), plus stuff like cornbeef and cabbage. Plus - you can walk around Faneuil Hall afterwards and be entertained by the street performers or your fellow tourists! (whatever you do - I know you'll have fun - Boston is a great city).

      1. Mintchip, you and I think alike. I was just writing to encourage our tourist to ride on the Beantown Trolly and get off at Faneuil Hall and he/she will be in tourist heaven. One could spend a small fortune eating there. Don't forget to have some Baked Beans.

        1. Don't forget to hit the "Cheers" Bar while you're there! I think the Boston Cream Pie at the Omni Parker house is kind of a touristy. I saw it in a food network special =P

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            Omni Parker House is also the home of Parker House rolls, cut in the same dough press from back in the day.

            per the same FN special, I'm sure.

          2. In the same Durgin Park vein, I think you'll also want to hit the Union Oyster House - Boston's oldest restaurant - for some oysters at the infamous raw bar and a quick peek at the booth dedicated to JFK. Speaking of JFK, I'd stop by Locke Ober for some JFK Lobster Stew -- rich with history as well as butter and cream. Not sure how fair afield you're willing to travel, I'd also consider a quick jaunt to the original Kelly's Roast Beef at Revere beach for a roast beef sandwich amid the sand and seagulls and a nostalgic glimpse (via postcard display) of the beach's colorful history as a recreation mecca.

            3 Winter Place, Boston, MA 02108

            Union Oyster House
            41 Union Street, Boston, MA 02108

            Kelly's Roast Beef
            410 Revere Beach Blvd, Revere, MA 02151