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Jul 20, 2008 09:11 AM

Anne Burrell ~ Striped Bass, July 20/08

Whoa, that was rough... I need to go check my blood pressure...

Flailing hands and arms, over the top rapid fire hip-talk, and overuse of the growling grunts and Grover...

I love individuality, personality, & humor, but the grunt thing always slaps me in the head as being uncomfortably unfeminine...
Makes me imagine her saying 'pull my finger' at a Christmas party...
I can do without it...

How 'bout the blatant switch-a-roo of the crispy skin fish that looked opaque and overcooked and stuck to the pan before flipping?
After the commercial break the fish was pink, translucent, and uncooked on the flesh side --- but billed as the same fish having come unstuck like she said it would...


I was a huge fan of the lamb-leg episode and said so--- but I was aggravated this time...

I did wanna eat that whole Meyer Lemon Tart tho!

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  1. I wasn't particularly enamoured of this episode. I didn't notice the switch of the fish, and the "veg" as she called them were just kind of "meh" to me. The Meyer Lemon Tart did look good, though!

    And I laughed reading your "pull my finger" comment. Shades of my father. We just left the room for at least 15 minutes if he said that. ;-)

    1. Holy crap...

      I just finished watching this show for the first time. What the hell was that?

      I was excited to finally be home on a Sunday morning so I can watch this show. I have been wanting to catch it for weeks now, but things would always come up. But after that, uh, surreal experience, I don't know... I'm still scratching my head. Were those grunts and growls really necessary?

      I felt like I was watching an episode of "The Electric Company". All it needed was for Millie to burst into the room and yell: "Heeeeey, you guuuuuuuuuuys!!!!"

      Holy crap...

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      1. re: sharkgirl88

        I love the food channel and not much bothers me but the grunting was awful.

        1. re: LaLa

          I thought this was the weakest of the episodes, having seen all but the leg of lamb one. I also hate the grunting, but thought the arm waving was more under control! I thought todays recipes were way too simple and plain. I'll keep watching for now, but was definitely disappointed in this one.

        2. I'm not a fan of the flailing, the cutesiness or the grunting, but I'm bothered way more by the idea that this makes Anne Burrell somehow "uncomfortably unfeminine." Even besides the fact that I think Anne's own response to being called "unfeminine" would be very close to one of Roseanne Barr's early standup jokes ("This guy came up to me after a show and said, 'Roseanne, I don't think you're very feminine.' I said, 'Oh yeah? Then s--k my d--k!'"), I can say that I'd rather see Anne on my TV -- annoying affectations and all -- than more of Sandra Lee's Desperate Housewives schtick.

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          1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

            Nah, just the sudden burpy gutteral grunting noises...

            She did it once or twice in the Lamb Leg episode and it didn't bother me at all...

            Maybe she feels she has to fit every hip, fun, & quirky, aspect of her personality into the show--- and because it's only a half hour, the finished product might seem like an intense concentrate...

            Like I said in my enthusiastic first post about this show in another thread---- she needs an hour...

            ---- and if you're defending Roseanne Barr's delicate rose pedal feminininity,
            God Bless... :-)

            1. re: Mild Bill

              Thanks guys! Now you've filled my head with strange thoughts.

              After hearing Rosanne tossed into the conversatin I now have this horrible visage of Anne Burrell singing the National Anthem with grunts, burps and other odd sounds! LMAO!

          2. I'm a naturally supportive, positive, and optimistic guy and I feel bad having been critical...
            To be clear, I was only describing how it hits my ears---- not what she is or isn't...
            I'm thankful for her show, I'm confident I'll learn stuff, I have my DVR set to record, and I wish her the best...

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            1. re: Mild Bill

              I just can't like the show. I enjoy watching her on IC but something is wrong on this show. Maybe after a few more eipisodes I might like it, or not.

              1. re: kprange

                "I just can't like the show. I enjoy watching her on IC but something is wrong on this show. Maybe after a few more eipisodes I might like it, or not."

                I feel the same way about the "new" Dinner Impossible and I really wanted to like it.

                oh well

                1. re: kprange

                  I feel the same way. I took it off my Tivo Season Pass this weekend.

              2. I agree with a lot of the criticisms of her but I do want to try that trick of searing the fish with another pan on top for crispy skin. To me, a tip like that is actually useful. Whereas I know how to make a Meyer lemon tart and her version didn't seem radically different from Alice Waters' or anyone else's.

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                1. re: NYCkaren

                  Thank you - I was going to say this. I guess everybody else already knew how to make a crispy skin fish using a heavy pan on top, so they concentrated on her personality. I could care less about arms and grunts, but want to learn technique and recipes from an accomplished chef. That happened, as it rarely does on FN, so I'm happy.

                  For all those guys out there that don't like women grunting... you have no idea what you're missing. (To say nothing of what *they* are missing!)

                  1. re: applehome

                    You crack me up applehome. The two pan trick was something new to me. That's all I want to walk away with on these shows. Something new to try.

                    1. re: scubadoo97

                      "That's all I want to walk away with on these shows. Something new to try."

                      Couldn't agree more!

                      1. re: Axalady

                        Remember, Alton Brown makes grilled cheese sandwiches using the two pan method...
                        He's done a few things that way...