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Jul 20, 2008 08:47 AM

Canning jars in (northern) Queens?

I can't find them anywhere in northern Queens! I've tried the usual "junk" stores like Raindew, Ace hardware, mom and pop hardware stores. I'd rather not order online because I want them yesterday. Has anyone seen them?

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  1. I get the big (1-quart) Mason jars with screw-on lids at Bargain Stop, the big 99-cent store on 30th Ave in Astoria. Not sure if they have smaller ones.

    33-02 30th Avenue

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    1. Try Queens Garden center in Whitestone off the Whitestone expressway and Garden World on Francis Louis and 48th. It's a seasonal item though. They usually have them when the tomato seasons begins. I've bought the Mason jars at Queens Garden center before. They have produce in the summers from local farms.

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        Perfect and in the 'hood. I was going to try both of those today, so I'm glad to hear that they might have them.

        As for Ace mentioned below, I tried there yesterday and they don't stock them, and I'm not looking for a whole case of jars... yet.

      2. I still see them at Priced Rite on Roosevelt and 64th in Woodside.

        The best selection I've seen is at Gracious Home (Manhattan though).

        If you're don't need a particular style (e.g. wide mouth for stacking), I've seen the more modern styles at Target.

        Michael's on Northern Blvd in Woodside usually has them as well, though it's usually the 1 quart narrow mouth only. lists them as well with free delivery to your local brick & mortar location.

        1. Try Little Neck Hardware on Northern Blvd just west of Little Neck Pkwy.