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Jul 20, 2008 08:27 AM

vegas restaurants at caesars and palazzo

I'm going to Vegas in a couple of weeks. I'd like to eat at the same hotel where we'll be seeing shows. What's best at Caesar's Palace and at the new Palazzo?

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  1. We're staying at the Bellagio, so recommendations for restaurants there, would also be appreciated.

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      Picasso at the Bellagio is certainly a treat and price for the option of tasting course is reasonable. Plus, spectacular view, request to sit near a window and watch the water show during the evening, you wont regret it.

    2. We recently tried Cut and Table 10 at the Palazzo.

      Cut was good but I think I like Craftsteak better. Seemed a bit more expensive too.
      Jersey Boys was good.

      I liked the food at Table 10 but if had a bit too much "eating in a shopping mall" feel.
      The lobster pot pie was very good. I liked it better than the one at Michael Mina.

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      1. re: zippyh

        Mesa Grill at CP. B&B (between Venetian and Palazzo).

      2. Best at Caesars Palace: Guy Savoy, my second favorite place in town. However, it's super expensive, and the full treatment will take a minimum of three hours, maybe more. It offers a slightly less expensive, faster meal (the "TGV", named after the train) that takes a mere 90 minutes or so.

        At the Palazzo: Restaurant Charlie. The right side of the restaurant is called Bar Charlie, where you may partake of a Japanese inspired, kaiseki style 14 course meal. Light eaters may go for the 8 course version. Again, super expensive, but worth it.

        1. I've tried Batali's B&B Ristorante several months ago, I had the duck breast & my wife had the lamp chops. Both were good. I'd recommend that and if price is not an option, visit Cut as well.

          I also would recommend Postrio for a casual sit down lunch, it's located at the venetian. Best mushroom ravioli i've ever had in my life. I've been thinking of that ravioli since

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            Mesa Grill at Caesar's!!! We are in Vegas now and went to Bette Midler the other night. From recs on this board we decided to go to Mesa - really really good food and will hopefully go back again soon. The service was outstanding!!! Natalia was super helpful and even though the place was pretty full she treated us as if we were the only diners. Loved it!!!

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              we really like fix in bellagio. also, not at palazzo but in shops, enoteca san marco, mario batali's more casual place was very good
              i second postrio too