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Jul 20, 2008 07:11 AM

Road trip to South Louisiana - "Off the path" recs, please

Howdy all,

I’m going to have such a tough time framing this question/issue that I’m starting it in Word.

I am planning on trekking from Madison, Wisconsin to South Louisiana to experience a French Food Festival in Larose. Want to see how real people do real Cajun and Creole.

This will be a solo car ride and the timetable is wide open. The timing of the festival is the third weekend of October.

My hope is to take as much time as needed to get there. While driving to Louisiana I want to experience some real food and real scenery. I’ll be abandoning the interstate as soon as I can…essentially after I get south of Illinois.

I TRULY have no agenda or route established…that will be established by suggestions and ideas I get.

I will definitely be going through Memphis, so good BBQ is a must.

If you know of any gems in extreme western Kentucky/Tennessee or near the Mississippi IN Mississippi, please let me know.

I apologize for the open-ended nature of this inquiry and yes, this is a lot like Alton Brown’s latest series.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. If you go through Slidell, LA at any point you might want to check out Young's Steakhouse (not sure about the "Steakhouse" part. It might be Young's Restaurant.). You'll have to ask directions and there is no sign on the place, but the search is well worth it. Melt in your mouth steaks.

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    1. re: dd992emo

      Thanks DD,

      This is the type of feedback for which I'm hoping.

      This type of info will help me schedule the drive and plan the route....

      "Chowing Down the Delta!"

    2. This would actually be a good time to try the tamale trail:

      That should at least get you started...

      1. The Southern Foodways Alliance also has trails for Louisiana - The Gumbo Trail ( and The Boudin Trail ( Another great resource for the places that you won't find on the interstate is John T Edge's book Southern Belly. We used it on a trip last year and found some great places like Crechale's in Jackson, MS and the best pies EVER at Jim Romero's Jim's Kountry Pies sort of near Abbeville, LA.

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        1. re: mamasquirrel

          Mama S,

          Thanks so much. I knew about the Gumbo Trail, but not about the Boudin Trail. I'll also look into the Edge book!

          Thanks also to Clarkafella!

          Appreciate the ideas, this is what I'm the beaten path and just good food!