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Jul 20, 2008 07:06 AM

Need a good meal near I95 around Boston

We're planning a meeting - I'm driving down from Maine and meeting my mother in law, who's driving up from Fairfield CT.

We'd like to meet some place for a good meal around Boston, but not actually drive into the city (since we'll have two cars and not a lot of time).

Can someone recommend an easily accessible place with good food? I'm open to just about any cuisine here, and moderate price would be best but any tips are welcome.


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  1. The city of Waltham has a lot of choices. Search for "Waltham" or "Waltham lunch" on this board. Also see:

    1. If you're meeting for lunch, Bamboo in Dedham has a great Chinese buffet. It is right off 95/128, at Route 1 Dedham, in the Holiday Inn. They do not have the buffet at dinner time, fyi.

      1. Not sure how much money you want to spend, but Coriander Bistro in Sharon Center is not far from I-95 (a couple of miles of easy driving) and has excellent food. Entrees are between are ~$25. Portions are large. The tasting menu is a good deal at $65. There is plenty of parking in a lot in back of the restaurant.

        1. If you like Chinese you might want to try Sichuan Garden 2 in Woburn right off of 95. Try the mini juicy pork buns. They'll tell you they take 15 minutes (which they do) but theyr'e worth the wait.

          1. Dan, please tell us if this is weekday or weekend and breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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                It's Monday early eve.