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Jul 20, 2008 06:44 AM

Greystone Grill - Hunt Valley

Invited to dinner at Greystone Grill in Hunt Valley by my husband's supervisor and his wife.

I was prepared to be underwhelmed by the food, based on reviews here, but food was good, well-prepared and presented. Service was excellent. Dress casual (this was a weekend - saw men in khaki shorts). Wine selection very good. (Although wine served in an overly-large, overly-tall, strangely-shaped glass that was hard to handle.)

The corn and crab chowder was really top notch. All of us ordered steaks, which were quite good and prepared well; my rare steak was actually rare and not raw. If you like your steak really seasoned, though, advise ordering the iron skirt steak or ask for seasoned.
All desserts above the notch (creme brulee, a chocolate lava concoction, freshly baked).

To my mind, if you live in town, there many options equivalent or better. But if you live hard near Hunt Valley shopping centre, and loathe the big, national chain restaurants, this is a good option. If you need something in the area upscale-ish but not dressy, a bit out of the ordinary, but not "ethnic" or fusion or posh, this is a good option. But if you're wanting something down-home, beef and lots of it, you want the Corner Stable. If you want something more posh upscale modern, you want Christopher Daniel.

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  1. I agree. While I wouldn't drive out of my way for Greystone, I have never had a bad experience there.

    1. Just to clarify, Greystone is a national chain restaurant, though an upscale one at that. I had a similar business dinner at the location in Columbia in January and it was quite good- excellent service, fantastic steaks and the interior space was well decorated. It certainly fits the bill for a good business meal.

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        local balt-dc chain, 4 branches, 2 more planned

      2. During the weeklong Hunt Valley bridge regionals, which draw players from Connecticut to the Carolina in August, I got dragged there two successive nights because it is across Shawan Road from the Marriott. I took instant exception to the restaurant's extremely scanty wine pours (seemed like three drops in a glass the size of a beer stein) and the high prices for nothing special food. I asked the server about this and she agreed that they were trying to get 6 glasses out of a bottle instead of 4 or 5; the prices, though, didn't account for that. I resent such stealth ripoffs and am discinlined to return this year.

        I will gladly take most of my meals at Wegmans or head down York Road for sushi or pizza if we have time. I will advise out of towners to avoid Greystone.