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Jul 20, 2008 06:22 AM

Help turning a pork tenderloin into multiple meals.

I just purchased a package of 2 pork tenderloins at Cosco. I know I could cook them whole but what other ideas do you have? I'm only cooking for 2 so I want to make multiply meals with different tastes. I don't mind a little leftover but not alot. I was thinking of cutting it up into some kebabs to grill and slicing some of it up for stir fry. Any thoughts?

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  1. Pork tenderloin for two is a standard at our house. One is enough for two meals plus leftovers. When opening the double package, often I freeze one. I rarely roast them whole but when I do, I'll tie the tapered end underneath to make the roast a more even size. Sliced thinly with pan jus, it is a nice meal. Yes, there will be leftovers and I either make sandwiches, top a salad or use the remaining pork in a pasta.

    What I do more often is bias-slice the filets into medallions. Two of these is a dinner for us. Saute and deglaze the pan with a variety of options and each meal tastes different from the previous.
    NB: after sauteeing the tenderloins, add onions, mushrooms, something else to the pan for a flavor boost, then deglaze, adding the tenderloins to finish cooking.

    1. Pork, red onions, Port wine, thyme
    2. Pork, carrots, O.J, ginger.
    3. Pork, mushrooms, Madeira, thyme
    4. Pork, leeks, heavy cream, dill
    5. Pork, onions, tomato sauce-y liquid, basil

    You get the picture.

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      i like browning minced onion & carrot and then reducing some white wine before adding to the pork back to the pan & then adding a dab of butter at the end to counter the acidity as needed.

      i'll also butterfly pieces and then chicken-fry them (dust with flour, dip into beaten egg and then dredge through flour, salt & pepper. serve on a bun with sweet pickle and mayonnaise.

    2. I usually use one to make a quick pork paprikash. You can find the recipe on the taste of home wesbite. Its called Pork paprika. Its really good and of course it tastes even better the next day.

      1. Use the tapered end for matchstick slices for stirfry.

        The medallions are very "poundable", not only for pan seared/deglazed dishes, but also for the venerable pork tenderloin sandwich: