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Jul 20, 2008 06:08 AM

ISO: Dal Bukhara (Black lentils slowly cooked overnight)

ISO: Dal Bukhara (Black lentils slowly cooked overnight)

Calling all cooks! I just had a wonderful dish last night at Saffron in the Morrisville area of Raleigh/Durham. I want to try to make it.... Any recipes and tips/suggestions? I have never made an Indian dish in my life, but this was so creamy and heavenly delicious I think I could eat it for the next 6 months and be happy as can be.

ps - any recipes for garlic Naan would also be much appreciated!

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    1. We just had the same dish today at their lunch buffet and it was fantastic. My wife described the flavor and texture as almost being like queso with lentils mixed in. I'll have to try the linked recipe as well.

      1. I'm intrigued...i'll be checking my 660 curries book for a recipe...from what i read after reading yer post, the daal is india's answer to baked beans. I found an alternative recipe to the about one posted below that i'd like to try

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          Sorry for the thread necromancy. I actually spotted this thread while sitting in the very same Saffron looking for the difference between this dish and dal makhani. From what I can tell this one is just black lentils, and dal makhari is black lentils and red kidney beans, and is also ricker due to the addition of a lot of butter and a bit of cream.

          But if you like this dish and haven't tried dal makhari - run, don't walk to get some; it's killer. If you can't find it on the menu of your favorite local joint, Around the World Market in Cary has an Ashoka 'boil in bag' version that isn't half bad at all.

        2. i saw your post when looking for a good dal bukhara recipe.

          i found a GREAT dal recipe (though i did modify it) in the book "passionate vegetarian" by crescent dragonwagon. i'll do my best to write out what i did here, but for the original recipe, you'll have to look in her book.

          (excuse any spelling errors, i'm typing fast, my kids are eating)
          large pot - add 2 cups washed lentils and a bay leaf, on high heat, boil - lower heat and simmer, cover for about 1 hour. (i put about 1" water over the lentils and ended up adding a little more.)

          melt 3T butter over Med heat and add 1 lg chopped onion and saute (3 min). add 1 T minced ginger and 1 large clove garlic minced and 1 T ground cumin and 1/2 T red pepper flakes (the recipe called for black mustard seed and i couldn't find any) and 1-1/2 tsp ground coriander and 1 tsp ground turmeric and 3cloves ground and salt and pepper. lower heat and stir constantly for 3min. scrape the mixture into lentils and continue cooking the lentils until soft, thick, and sauce like. plus, i added a can of green chilis because it was just missing that flavor. season with s&p.

          i removed about 1/2 the dal and then made the the remaining part into the dal bukhara because what was in the pot was amazing and i didn't want to ruin it all.

          so, with what was left in the pot, i used the submersible blender thingy (not sure what it is called, i'm not a fancy cook) and semi-pureed the beans. i added somewhere between 1/2 to 1 cup of half and half and then also a can of tomato puree (i used hunts) and then ended up adding even more salt. i felt like i added more salt than i needed but it just took a lot for it to taste seasoned.

          anyway, end result was DELICIOUS - my husband (the meat and potatoes lover) even liked it. though dal bukhara is served with bread, i prefer it over rice, so that is how i ate it. we did have some naan (store bought) but that wasn't that great (like when you get it at a restaurant).

          even my 13 month old daughter ate it. and, i had it again for lunch today and it was EVEN BETTER.

          also, i'm from the raleigh area and i've never eaten at that resturant. i'll have to check it out and try it there. good luck!

          ps i signed onto this just so i could share this recipe with you. it is THAT GOOD!!! (and easy too. it was done in an hour and a half with two kids tugging at my shirt and that included the cleanup - a lot of that was cooking time and i wasn't even in the kitchen!)

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            that looks really good. I'm going to have to try this!

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              OMG! You're the best!! Thanks so much; I can't wait to try it!

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                Wow, searching for recipes because I just bought some raw black lentils, I must have ESP (I first assumed this was from years old). Thanks a million!