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Jul 20, 2008 05:22 AM

Finger Lakes, NY

I haven't visited the finger lakes in many years save for a quick drive thru for a relative's wedding. We would like to spend a few days in the area and need input for good dining and/or places that provide accomodations along with good food. Whichever lake you can provide info about is fine, we drive for food as well as enjoying the scenery. Most cuisines are in the ball park but Italian, German, Continental would top the list. More prosaic menus are still in the area of possibility but far east and spanish style is not something we look for while traveling. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Thrre are so many good places to eat in the Finger Lakes.!!!
    Use the search here at this site to find specific food and locations.
    We like Rosalia's in Skaneatles for outstand,yet expensive,Italian food.
    No red sace here;it's northern italian at it 's finest.
    The Krebs in Skaneatees,another outstanding pace to eat. as well as the tap room at the Sherwood Inn in Skaneatles.
    We eat at all these places and they are great.
    The Elderberry Inn in another fine,out-of-the -way-place to eat gourmet sandwiches and fine food in Skaneateles.
    Try the Springside Inn for Sunday brunch;nothing finer in the area!!!!!!
    Try Doug's Fish Fry for ineexpensive sih every day in Skaneatles and Cortalnd.
    Waht a great deal for the buck;the place is always packed!!!!
    These are buyt a few good choices in our area.
    Hopefully others will clue you in about other good spots to hit when in our area.
    Good eating!!!

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      Thanks, Catnip. For some reason Skaneatles slipped my mind in planning (I am thinking of those further west ie Keuka etc). I have often enjoyed lunches at the Sherwood Inn in Skaneatles and Doug's as well. My sister lives in Syracuse and introduced me to those places during a few of our visits. Rest assured we will revisit the places you mentioned. Thanks, again.

      German, charcuterie, good wine. Can't ask for more.

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      1. re: kimeats

        Thanks fo this recc kimeats!!!!
        We're going to try this place;it sounds really different and good!
        thanks again!

      2. The Brown Hound Bistro in Naples, NY is a really terrific little place to eat great food. We stay at the Villa Serendip Bed and Breakfast and Fran is also a great cook. She will send you to all of the great attractions in the area. Keep you laughing and make you want to return again and you will.